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After almost three years, and a couple of hundreds of posts, it has come the time for Faby and Carlo to start offering an entire site for photographers. As of today, all the information you are interested into, will be posted on this new website! The first step in the many changes that will affect fabyandcarlo.com is done, but we have much more to come.
We took the decision to provide photographers a website in which they can find all the information they need in the hope to give them more clarity, writing every post with photographers in mind.
What can you expect from this new blog?

Quality Contents

As always, we will focus on publishing quality contents. We will pick the information we think valuable for our readers, and provide them here. If you are a seasoned photographer looking for sharpen your “weapons” as well as if you an amateur¬†looking to make the big jump, we will provide you with information you will be able to use in your art as well as in your business.

As you may have noticed already, all the blog post already written with photographers in mind have been migrated to this website already. We wanted to offer a common place to be used as a reference, and we hope you will like the new look, as well!

Specialised in Photographing People

We are mainly known for our boudoir work, but our real specialisation is photographing people. We will, therefore, focus on writing about the business and art of photographing people. You will not just find details on how to deal with Boudoir, we will span from photography in general to element relative to portraiture. If your fear is that this blog is too much focused on the art and craft of Boudoir photography, please feel free to browse the latest posts, and you will realise that there is much more than that!

More information about workshops and courses

For those of you not yet knowing about our courses, I suggest you are having a quick look at our new homepage for photographers. You will find a lot of information about the photography courses we hold, from the brand new Mentoring option to the seasoned one2ones, workshops and 7Elevens. Remember that everything you will find in our posts is part of the information you can learn from one of our courses; so if you would like to learn more, maybe with a tailored project, please feel free to get in touch!

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