What to photograph? The dilemma of (almost) every photographer

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Have you ever been haunted by the dilemma of what to photograph? have you ever asked yourself: what kind of photographer am I? What to photograph means knowing who you are and what you want to do. If you are one of the few that never asked herself/himself this question, it is good for you, but experience taught me that knowing what to photograph changes in time. In this article I will give you an insight in my personal struggle in understanding who I am through what to photograph.
If you are one of the many who struggle pinpointing what to photograph, be reassured: there is nothing wrong with you. As we grow old, as we evolve, our vision of the world changes with us.

What to photograph tells you a lot about you

In time I have changed a lot. My vision of the world changed sensibly in the past decade. Not only I have learned about myself, but I have evolved in my photography. What I photograph tells a lot about the man I am, and the more I feel I am in need of a change, the more this is an expression of me changing. Under this light, I feel that I will never stop looking for what to photograph, as I know that I will never stop changing, I will never stop evolving as a person, hence as a photographer.

Photography is not a goal, it is a beautiful path

A very important thing about photography is that it is not just about the final product, but it is about the voyage you do to get there. What to photograph is much more about the process than the final image. I am in love with photographing people and the human nature; I am a portrait photographer, so it is easy for me to limit the “what to photograph” to a manageable size.
What I would love to make you feel is exactly about the process of capturing the moment. How do you feel in doing it, is something that makes you feel alive? To me, photographing people is to get to know them, to interact with them, to create a connection with them. This is what photography is all about for me.
In deciding what to photograph, you should keep into consideration not only the images you create, but how happy the process of creating those images makes you. Photography is not a simple career and the only way of getting through keeping you passion intact is to doing what you love, from inception, pre production, shooting and post production.

The importance of personal projects

I am a strong believer in personal projects. They give you the possibility to experiment, to understand who you are through what to photograph. We are boudoir photographer, and this is our primary business model, but I am more than a simple boudoir photographer. My complexity is about being a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional person. knowing what to photograph is not as simple as it may seems if you don’t try it; how do you know if you are going to fall in love with portraiture if you don’t try it? But trying is about understanding life, understanding oneself.
Embark in one, two, twenty personal projects, and understand what to photograph through the process of photographing what you love. That’s an amazing way to go through a journey of self discovery!

How many times do you challenge yourself on what to photograph?

Sometimes I look at photographers who have all figured out already and I ask myself if they really have, or if they are haunted by the same dilemmas I have. In my constant evolution I open and close websites that portray me as photographer, for what I am in the moment. I tend to branch lot because mine is a search without a goal. I don’t want to confuse my readers and followers with my tests, with the months in which I am just searching for myself.
Do you challenge yourself asking what to photograph? Do you ever question your style? I clearly do, and the more I grow as a person, the more I change as a photographer, the more I want to understand what to photograph.
Comment on this article, let me know what your personal approach to what to photograph is.

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