What’s your Personal Photography Project?

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A Personal Photography Project is something many of us, professional photographers, put in a closed drawer. In jumping from being an amateur to being in charge of your income through your images, the personal photography projects become less important. When the business is still bootstrapping, this is understandable. The real issue is that many photographers, even after the initial period, do not put their personal photography projects back in their goals.
While it is true that a personal photography project is not going to bring immediate money to your business, reality is that a personal photography project is something that shapes us as photographers. It is something that give us visibility for the artists we are.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

The artistic implication behind a personal photography project

I have always felt that behind my best photographs, I had a special drive. Those images were taken when I was in a creative phase. A personal photography project may not be directly related to what you shoot for living, but it fuels you as artist. The more creative we get, the more we see different angles, appreciating variety.
Pursuing a personal photography project is one of those things that fuels our creativity. It give us that element of satisfaction and drive that is going to affect everything we do in our lives, therefore in our professional career as well.

Photography project as showcase of variety

Your photography project may not be directly related to what you photograph daily, but it is still part of who you are as photographer. It may not end up on your commercial website, but it is part of you. Your photography project is therefore an important part of who you are, and the more your customer can see what you produce, the more they will know you. In this way, the clients you attract will be really committed to be photographed by you, for your commercial images, as well as for your own personal photography project.

Photography project as element of networking with like minded people

One more important element about a personal photography project is that you start being recognised by like minded people. Having a good network, in our industry, is a key element for growing. In pursuing a personal photography project, you put out who you are, and in doing so, you attract people that have the same vision as you. In the same way clients are going to be more committed because they will know more about you, the same can be told for other photographers or professionals in our field.
Through personal photography project, sometimes completely unrelated to our day to day shooting, we met a lot of people we have worked with and that, through time, have become integral part of our working team.

My personal photography project

I have always been attracted by documentary photography. To me, telling a story through photography is an amazing way of making powerful images. My own personal photography project is about telling a story about the extraordinary in everyday life. “A day in the life of…” is me following someone for a day, sometimes from before they are awake, to the moment they go to sleep. Becoming a fly on the wall and documenting life is something I love.
By the way: if you want to be part of my project, get in touch! I am always looking for diversity in my project, and I am sure you are one of a kind!

What is your personal photography project?

What do you love to shoot? Unconditionally, unrelated to anything commercial? What make you think “I would go any length to shoot this”?
Make it happen, start planning and just do it! A personal photography project is something extremely important, as it keeps your creativity afloat, and make you stand out from the crowd!

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