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In the last weeks I have been asking the question “which photographer am I?” quite a lot of times. I feel like I am changing, and I haven’t yet understood how. At times I feel my camera as a heavy burden to carry, and some other times I seem to know perfectly well which photographer I am. It feels strange not to know who I am when I have the camera in my hands. In order to understand myself, I have been looking inside myself as well as outside, trying to listen to my inner voice and understand what gives me that feeling of being alive.
Which photographer are you? Do you always know what is your call?

Which photographer am I? A Boudoir Photographer

There is no denying that one of the answers to the question “which photographer am I?” is about photographing women beautifully. It is not the stereotypical, perfect beauty of the magazine though. It is the beauty that every woman has, the way she smiles, the way she moves, the way she is.
It is not about beauty in itself, it is what beauty represent for that woman. It represent self confidence, it represent security, it represent the confirmation that she is beautiful, despite some pounds more than she would love to see on the display of the scale, despite some age line.
This approach to understanding which photographer I am is important, as I know that I am not attracted to perfection, I am not attracted by what the world define as “stunning”. I am attracted by the reaction to my photographs.
But that is just part of which photographer I am.

The Bang Bang Club and Under Fire

In the past few days I have been travelling, and I killed some airplane time with a couple of films to watch. More precisely, The Bang Bang Club and Under Fire, two films gravitating around the world of photojournalism. Yes, there could be no stronger difference in my approach: from one side beauty and from the other a crude reality made of people in their own environment. Which photographer am I, if I am attracted to both these kind of styles, so different one from the other?

Which photographer am I? A people’s photographer

One of the things I have understood in digging deeper in which photographer I am, is that I do not want to box myself in a single definition. I am a portrait photographer, and I will always love to photograph people, this I know. Am I a boudoir photographer? Yes, of course I am, but there is more to that. I love to photograph the human nature, I love those images that speak to my heart about people. They can be beautiful boudoir images or honest portraits of people in their daily life.
Which photographer am I? I am one of those photographers that think that a great photo is the one that show the real person for who she is.

Which photographer are you?

Do you like the security and confidence coming from boxing your self in one specific niche, or do you prefer to have a broader definition?
Let us know your take on which photographer you are!

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