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It has been almost a year since Carlo went to Seattle to join the awesome audience of Creative Live. I remember it as an amazing – even if second hand – experience that changed my mind regarding education and photography.

But what is Creative Live about?

We found out about Creative Live roughly 2 years ago and since then we have been learning a hell of a lot. Creative Live has completely changed the way we can access information and knowledge in the photography industry where before the only ways were either heavy books or super talented professionals with fabulous experience not available to share any of it at an affordable price. The bottom line was either you had money to attend one of those exclusive workshops or you were bound to read. And for a visual artist who is just starting out and confused neither of the options were easy or economic.

In today’s world, Internet has opened the gates to free knowledge. You have free accessible “know how” of literally everything, from how to make a dress to your own make up, cooking, DYI, or just general knowledge. Youtube, Vimeo,Wikipedia and blogs are the means of information.

The missing point was photography. And this is where Creative live comes into play. Chase Jarvis is the exceptional mind behind all of this and his amazing team is making it all happen day by day.

I cannot even start telling you how much we love the endless learning opportunities Creative Live offers. From post processing techniques, lighting, posing, video, fusion, marketing and much much more. There are tons of videos to be watched live via the Internet for free that you can also buy after the broadcasting at a ridiculous price.

A 3 days workshop worth thousands of dollars available to all of us for as little as $149. And the teachers we are talking about are people of the calibre of Zack AriasSue BryceVincent Laforet, Jasmine Star, David Duchemin, Tamara Lackey and so many outstanding others.

But what is more invaluable than ever is that the outstanding professionals who accept to teach at Creative Live share their stories of struggles, fears and personal failures and give you information and advice on how to avoid them all together as well as a full disclosure about their pricing, marketing strategies, posing and lighting techniques. It is a proper full monty of their businesses without compromises. You can also see them in action whilst shooting or making an in person sell whilst explaining the ins and out of the reasons behind certain choices. This is nothing less than incredible.

If I did not manage to excite you enough about Creative Live, give a look at their website and the incredible amount of priceless tools you have now available to learn what you Love.

We will be there!

When Carlo came back home from Seattle, he was talking non-stop about how incredible everybody and everything in the studios were. And since then, one of Carlo’s greatest aspirations has been go back there on the other side of the desk to teach. As you may know, a couple of weeks ago Carlo took the camera and submitted a video to be considered as a teacher for Creative Live the team.

We are now watching “Creative Live Spotlight” and I admit that I am a little sad not to see Carlo amongst those auditioning to become Creative Live coaches, but on the other side both of us know that things always happen for a good reason.

I simply know he is going to be there. When the time is right.

Thank you Creative Live. Thank you Chase Jarvis. See you soon.



  • Auditioning for creativeLive, AKA following my dreams
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