Why many customers spend time with us as our friends do?

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Ms K, you may have seen her Mood Board a couple of weeks ago, thoroughly enjoyed her Experience and we had the pleasure of having her with us for her personalised viewing session. She arrived just after 20:00 and she spent with us the entire evening, merrily chatting and looking at her photos (she LOVES them). We departed very close to midnight! For us, it has been a fantastic way of spending an evening, and once more we realised that when they come in for their viewing sessions, our customers behave more like friends than anything else.
Do you want to know how we make sure that, from the moment they get in touch, to the moment they see their images, many of the women we photograph stop seeing us just as their photographers?

It’s a personal relation

Last week we held a presentation for the London SmugMug Meetup. We talked about how to photograph women (and tomorrow the subscribers to our newsletter will receive the slides, make sure you are one of them). The first slide we showed an image and a straightforward text: “It’s a Personal Relation“. Yes, photographing women is about the personal relation you can create with them, and too many time we (photographers) focus just on our technical ego to remember it. More that that, women believe in emotions and a camera alone cannot give them what they are looking for. From the moment they contact us enquiring for our experience we are this: personal. We treat them with respect, but we aim our efforts to knowing who she is and what she truly loves and wants for herself.
It is told that you should never compete on price, and we thoroughly support this mindset. If you want to be better than your competition you should be memorable, you should transform your customers into fans. Go the extra mile for them! Our extra mile, which helps us in so many different ways, is getting to know the women we photograph as much as we can!

The Viewing Session: expectation and glory

If you think a customer will be most nervous the day of the photo shoot, think again. After being photographed, your customers will start questioning almost everything about themselves. “Did I pose correctly? Did the photographer manage to capture even one nice shoot? Will I look good in my photos?“. To make sure the time between their session and their viewing session is the best they can have, we do what we would do with our friends: we make sure to tell them they did great, we make sure we have good shoots, and we make sure they are in the know, and we make of the viewing session the perfect ending to the Experience, with food and wine, making sure to offer them a fantastic moment.

Many customers spend a lot of time with us as our friends do, because we treat them as such

From the moment we speak for the first time to the moment they say bye, we focus our efforts to make sure to treat our customers as we treat our friends. We don’t lie to them, we don’t judge them, we make sure to listen to them, and we genuinely care about what they have to say. They are with us because of the “Experience“, and part of the experience is to make them feel well! For me, writing about “our customers” is something not actually polite, because we know their names, we know some if their dreams and they are so much more than ordinary “customers”. They spend time with us, and we spend time with them because they are not just a time slot booked in our diary, they are unique persons we love.

What do your customers know about you?

Are you treating your customer in the same way, or are you seeing them just as cows to milk? Are you excited to sell them more, or are you excited for them to adore the photos you took of them? Are you talking to them or are you just directing them?
Faby and Carlo is a boutique company, and this is not going to change in the future as we love what we do and we love the way we are able to spend time with people we love: the extraordinary women we photograph. Do your customers know as much about you as ours do about us?

Food for thoughts, folks, food for thoughts!

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