Women: The Secret Behind Posing, Making Them Feel And Look Gorgeous!

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Looking at the calendar I feel a rush of excitement and thrill I always enjoy before teaching. Maybe this time I would not call it “teaching” as it is a short presentation Fabiana and I will give at the London Smug Mug Meetup. Nevertheless it gives me pleasure to speak about what I know and that someone else may find entertaining or useful. Tomorrow, Wednesday 3rd April, at the Meetup we will talk about “Photographing Women: The Secret Behind Posing, Making Them Feel And Look Gorgeous“. We love speaking of the things we are passionate about, and the way we work with women is something we are extremely proud of. If you fancy coming along, I believe few spots are still available!
If you cannot come, but you are still interested in our presentation, there is a little surprise for you: next week we will release the PDF of the presentation to all subscribers to our newsletter. So, if you want to get this amazing free content, just subscribe to our weekly dose of Faby And Carlo at the bottom of this article!

It’s a Personal Relation

The first thing we will talk about is something that too many photographers forget: the subjects we photograph are women, human being. Treating them like inanimate objects to be shoot for a Zara Home catalog will not do any good to you or to your photographs. You have to be yourself, you have to be personal and start making the real woman in front of you transpire through your frames, not the masks everyone of them wears while facing a camera.

If You Expect a Technical Speech…

On the pages of this blog, we have never gone too technical. We haven’t reviewed the latest cameras in their zillionpixel details. We never have, and we never will, because we believe photography to be an art. Train your mind, train your soul and learn to create the photos through your eyes before than through your camera.
This is our approach, focussed on people and psychology more than on pixel-perfect or lenses sweet spots.

Why Should You Come To The Meetup?

First and foremost, we will do everything to create a warm and pleasant environment. This is always a neat start, isn’t it? We will have a friendly chat about what we know, without withholding anything: uncompromisingly Faby and Carlo. And of course we will be open to all the questions you might have!

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