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Whatever you do, your online presence is one of the most important element for your business nowadays. In a world where being proactive means making the most out of the wide opportunities the Internet provides, being able to update your website on your own is, in my opinion, the only way forward. I know that to keep your site up to date you need some technical knowledge, but the only alternative is to hire someone to do it for you. This second option has two major drawbacks: time and money. Whoever you will hire to update your site will not be as quick as you are and every change will cost you money.

London Boudoir Photography and WordPress

WordPress: Our weapon of choice

For the last ten years I have been using WordPress. What started as the blogging platform of my choice, is today an amazing tool to host all our websites. It has become more and more simple to use, with more and more functionalities. Truth is that some technical knowledge is advantageous to tweak it and give your site that something more. Pages, blogs, portfolios and an array of other tools will give you everything you need to have a great website.
Moreover the ability to apply different themes (there are thousands of them) and the possibility to make them close to your needs without big difficulties, makes of WordPress a great chameleon.

London Boudoir Photography and WordPress

A Geeky Background Helps

I admit that my technical background helps me a lot, giving me a distinctive advantage over other photographers. Whilst the skills required to maintain a site are generally a low level one, I know how to dig deep and apply critical changes without employing anyone else. If you add to this the fact that Fabiana is a woman with an amazing sense of style you can understand why we can update every part of our site overnight! As I said, a Geeky background helps, but the knowledge you will need to manage your website are basics and the investment in learning them will set you apart from your competition.
Remember, Devil is in the Details!

London Boudoir Photography and WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System, not just a Blog

Every respectable website nowadays is based on a so-called CMS, a Content Management System. It means that behind your website you should have an administrative interface that allows you to take control of your contents (remember, Content is King!). Now WordPress was born as a blogging platform and it is well known for being a blogging platform, but reality is that in time it has become a proper CMS and it is evolving day after day. Long gone are the days where every WordPress looked like a simple blog: its flexibility and capabilities of being themed are simply amazing.
Don’t be fooled, WordPress is a platform for managing your online contents and using it will give you a boost!

London Boudoir Photography and WordPress

Do you need help and support?

I have provided support to many fellow photographers already in learning how to use a tool that can prove to be the difference between a successful business or a mediocre one. I believe in learning and in understanding how to do things (Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime). If you are looking for a training course to help making the most out of your website, contact us!

London Boudoir Photography and WordPress

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  • David Hammonds

    Love the new design. Was it a conscious decision to move away from the ‘full screen’ frontpage look? I always wondered if those designs reduced search engine visibility in some way as there’s less scope to place text on the homepage.

    Huge fan of WordPress here too – it’s a world away from those horrible search engine-inivsible swirly Flash sites sold to photographers a few years back. Since it’s become much more ‘CMSsey’ in recent years use it exclusively. I used to use Joomla with WordPress as a plugin but the former soon become redundant. It’s also used in some very big commercial websites these days. My wife writes for a Spanish travel site and the backend she uses – WordPress.

    I like that unlike some CMSes it seems well-written and built for speed – it doesn’t seem to bog down on the inexpensive shared hosting I use. It’s also a big money saver after the initial time investment, isn’t it? I use a free ‘client log-in’ gallery plugin offering functionality that some pay a regular monthly free to a third party to attain.

    I also use the Genesis framework, which gives lots more SEO options, and my site now seems to pull in a fair bit of traffic, although I have no way to quantify how much of this is down to what Genesis gives over a vanilla WordPress.

    Only downside is that themes can be so elaborate that I no longer bother trying to make them from scratch but rather adapt one that’s close enough to what I want.

  • Carlo Nicora

    Hi David,
    Thanks a lot for your feedback! We consciously moved away from the full screen as it was distracting. We needed some space to communicate with words. Moreover the previous theme had some glitches on some mobile phones.
    There are few upgrades I am looking forward to seeing in WordPress that some CMS offers, but they are not huge. At the moment I would definitely work on WP and not on Joomla or other similar solutions.

    As for the themes, I feel that everything depends on what you want. Many themes, even “pro ones”, have a level of complexity that is not really needed, they are simply badly designed. Creating a WordPress theme is still simple! :)

    Thanks for your feedback!!!



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