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Last week we wrote 5 good reasons why you should have a photography blog, and today we will focus on how to write a photography blog. If you have never written a photography blog before, or if you have been writing one and you are struggling with the question “what can I write“, I will give you a couple of advices in this post.
Can I tell you how I write our photography blog?

A photography blog speaks to one single person

It is essential that whatever you decide to write in your photography blog, you write to one person. Every post should have a single photographer in mind. I write all my post for Carlo, myself, ten years ago. In the same ways, Fabiana writes for a specific woman when she writes her boudoir blog.
For this photography blog, I target the myself of many years ago because I have accumulated so much photographic knowledge, that having those information back then would have changed my life. I am writing to help my younger self to become a better photographer and a better person. This helps me a lot while deciding what to write and how to write my blog posts.

Be consistent in your photography blog post schedule

If you are going to write a photography blog, you need consistency. Writing once every month is ok, once every fortnight good, once every week great, twice a week is actually amazing; however, writing without a consistent schedule is not. Make sure your readers know you are going to write every week, and they will come every week and use your blog as a reference. Write inconsistently and they won’t return. As simple as that.

Have an editorial calendar for your photography blog

For how clever you think you are, you will run out of ideas. For how organised you think you are, you will find yourself the day before a post should go out without the shred of an idea on what to write. It is not “if” it is going to happen, but “when”.
Have a place (we utilise Asana) where we write down all the ideas for our blog posts. The first time we did it, we listed more than a hundred photography blog posts! Needless to say, we weren’t as disciplined and we run out of them.
Once you have all your ideas written down in a list, make sure to plan when you are going to write them. Faby and I planned an entire six months schedule of two blog posts per week for our photography blog, and those six months have been by far the easiest.

Be yourself, even opinionated

I think i have strong ideas. I consider this to be a part of who I am, and I am fine being like this. In my photography blog I am myself, I say what I like, how I like it. I love shooting in manual mode and I love small cameras like the X100s and the Fuji X in general. I portray myself through the posts I write, and this pushes my personality out there.
It is ok to be yourself. It is ok to say what you think, and it is ok to change your mind. Being yourself will certainly help and writing your photography blog post your way will make it easy to do.

Give a lot of information. For Free

The key to understanding how to write a photography blog is giving a lot of information. Who is the one you write for? What would she like to know? Once you know these two things, you will know enough to know how to write a photography blog post. I would have loved to understand why having a photography blog is so essential for a photographic growth and how to write it. And in these weeks I am telling my younger self all the things he would need to know to have a kick ass photography blog.

What about you? Do you already have a photography blog? Do you find easy to write it or do you have struggles? Feedback and comments welcome!

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