Are you true to yourself and your ideal customer?

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To many photographers who are new in the industry, it may sound strange; however, your images define who your customers will be. The reality is that your portfolio, be it on your portfolio page, or images you upload in your blog, define your style and you get booked for your style. It is no wonder that the customers we had in these months have been quite daring, considering the fact that, in the same period of time, we have gone a little bit more experimental with our images.
For us, it has been a path of self re-discovery, of bringing on the real style that defines us. It has been a bumpy road. We made some mistakes, but in the end we reinforced the idea of who we are. If you care to read more, there is a lesson we learned the hard way, but that can make you save a lot of troubles and doubts.

A personal journey: doubts and inspirations

The story we are going to tell is about two photographers who, for a small period of time, had doubts on what they were doing. When for that short period of time, we started opening to a wider audience, and in diluting our style, we diluted the strengths of our images, and we lost traction with our ideal clients. During last autumn, we decided to tone down the style of our images, heavily limiting the images slightly more “revealing“, aiming for a more conservative market. Our decision was planned and realised for a business reason, but it never resonated with the photographers we were and with our strengths.
Guess what? Despite toning down our style, we were still too racy for a conservative market, but we stopped being “the perfect photographers” for a set of women who wanted the possibility to “dare”.

Be yourself

One of the most important lessons we have learned is that, despite dry periods, photographers should always be true to themselves. We will be true to ourselves and our style. Remember that there will always be a niche market, and if you don’t hit it straight away you don’t need to change yourself, you need to look for your customers somewhere else.
Faby and Carlo have always been interested in controversial images, to us nudity is not awkwardness, it simple beauty. When we decided to change our style in order to be more appealing to the market, we failed to be ourselves.
There will be moments in your career when you will find yourself in difficult times: make better art, but don’t put your style on sale!

Show the images your ideal clients love

We wrote extensively about the ideal client, the woman you would love to have in front of your camera day in/day out. She is the one you should serve, and she is the one we should have served with continuity.
Our ideal client don’t mind some tasteful nudity, she doesn’t mind the term “erotica“, when it has the meaning of “Sensual Beauty“. In toning down our style we failed to show our ideal customers what we could have done for them. We should have persisted in our unique style, in what makes us unique. This is not for everyone, and it shouldn’t be! This is for the women out there who, despite their insecurities, despite their fears, think that a sensual photo is a beautiful image to look at. In serving our ideal customer, we should have remembered this.
Do you know? It is absolutely refreshing to understand that you were wrong and to be able to straighten things. It feels liberating!

Many people would wonder how we can make women comfortable with their own nudity, and there is a simple answer to this question: we make them feel beautiful and safe, as they would be in their own bedroom. This is how they should be feeling all the time, it is liberating, it empowers women to be happy with who they are and how they look and to rediscover their real beauty.

This is what we stand for and this is what we do for them: this is Faby and Carlo

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