London Boudoir Photography

No embarrassing poses.
We photograph the real you at your best!

Your life will never be the same again.
We are a luxury boutique boudoir studio that is here to feed your desire and inspire your self confidence.
Confidence is all you need to wear!

about us

Faby and Carlo – London Boudoir Photography

We are Faby and Carlo, we are London Boudoir Photography. We have been lucky enough to be each other’s love in life, best friends and to share the same passion for photography as business partners.
We have many years of expertise in photographing women of every age, shape and size and moreover we truly deeply LOVE what we do. We are here to create the best possible personal boudoir photography experience you can find, that you will treasure in your memory as fun, relaxed as well as wonderfully empowering. In simple words, we are here to show you how beautiful you really are so that you can fall in love with yourself again. This will change the way you see yourself. Forever.
To enquire further and to find out what we can do for you, contact us on hello[at] or via phone at +44(0)7984104749

London Boudoir Photography

At Faby and Carlo London Boudoir Photography we believe boudoir photography is all about YOU. We love to capture the essence of a person, their beauty and their personality through our images. We believe that photographs are both emotional and visual memories… something we love to create and something that gives us great pleasure!
A London Boudoir Photography experience with us, whether you choose to be clothed, in lingerie or nude, is a beauty portrait that not only will you love and cherish; but will boost your confidence and show how beautiful you are.
From that initial phone call to final photo finish, with Faby and Carlo the entire process is called “The Boudoir Photography Experience”, or just “The Experience” because for us it is much, much more than a photo shoot. It is an experience you will enjoy and won’t forget.
Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Fabiana and Carlo AKA Faby and Carlo

We are Faby and Carlo, real life husband and wife and partners in photography.
We have known each other for a very long time (more that all the fingers on two hands!). We first met a long time ago, and it was love at first sight. We got together in 2000 and before long we realised that not only did we share love for each other but also a love for photography. Passionate and creative Italian souls, although we take our photography very seriously, we do also have a sense of humour that ensures we don’t take ourselves too seriously!
We love boudoir photography and we love photographing the female form in all its shapes and sizes.
We believe that each and every woman is beautiful exactly as she is, and we hope this comes across in our images.

Faby and Carlo | London Boudoir Photography - Home Page


Faby is a woman, an idealist, a photographer and a mum.
She loves food. She loves lasagna, cheese and coffee. Gave up cigarettes many years ago and never looked back.
Creative and messy, loves challenges and is bit stubborn (it runs in the family!).
Always battling with he curly hair and with the mirror, she decided that she wants to give women their confidence back.
With her pictures and much much more.

Faby and Carlo | London Boudoir Photography - Home Page


Carlo is a geek with a gentle soul.
Decisive and opinionated, he balances his strength as a leader with his almost feminine sensitivity.
He loves computer, coffee and definitively challenges.
He is doer. He organises Faby and her mess.
He always battles with his hair and does not want to sleep. Ever.
Carlo is able to capture in his pictures people’s souls and their stories like nobody else.

The Boudoir Photography Experience

The Boudoir Photography Experience by Faby and Carlo

Our Boudoir Photography is about confidence, is about discovering the beauty in you. We call it the Boudoir Photography Experience because it is a personal journey, and cannot be defined simply as a photo shoot.
You are unique, and at Faby and Carlo we treat you as such. We want to know you, understand what you dream and love for yourself. We want you to feel confident that you are in expert hands. We want you to know that everything is going to be fine.

What to Expect from your Boudoir Photography Experience

Pre Consultation Call

This is the opportunity to have a feel if we are the right photographers for you, and to start shaping your Bespoke Boudoir Photography Experience.

Personalised Mood Board

To keep your dreams moving in the right direction, we will create a visual reference to set the mood of your photographs.

Personal Coaching

Everything you need to know about styling, preparation, options and much more. This is the ultimate guide to your photo session.

Bespoke Makeover

Expect an hour of heavenly pampering under the expert hands of our makeup artist. The right look is the first step in building confidence.

The Photo Session

From posing you head-to-toe to making you feel comfortable, we will give you the peace of mind of a smooth and unforgettable experience.

Viewing your Photographs

We make an event of the first time you will see yourself under a new light. Your edited images served with sparkly Prosecco and a friendly atmosphere.

our collaborations

Petits Bisous for London Boudoir Photography

Thank you for considering a Boudoir Photography Experience at London Boudoir Photography by Faby and Carlo. It would be an honour for us to walk you through this personal journey, but before doing this, we would like to share what “Faby and Carlo” stand for, and what we can do for you.
We believe that every woman is beautiful, that the mirror often lies, and that confidence, not the idea of physical perfection, is what every woman really needs to shine through.
We believe in “empowering women” by making them look as great they feel in their mind. In fact, our mission is to show you how truly beautiful you are so that you can feel confident in every aspect of your life.
As we wish for you to have a unforgettable experience, we choose our partners with great attention. They need to share the same core values, the same attention to your needs and the same uncompromising quality.
For our Boudoir Experience, we are proud and honoured to be partners with the exquisite lingerie boutique Petits Bisous.

This is what we stand for, and we partnered with Petits Bisous to offer you the very best London Boudoir Photography Experience, because we know that beautiful lingerie with the perfect fit will make you both feel and look at your best for your boudoir photographs.

frequently asked questions

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Boudoir* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)

We know that if you are here, you are looking for some answers. There are burning questions that many people ask, and we have listed them here, as we feel that the more you know, the more you can decide if our Boudoir Photography style and approach is for you. We are sure we have covered many of the questions you always wanted to know about boudoir; however, as we mentioned already, a boudoir photography experience is something personal, unique. Should you like to know more, should you like to have your more personal questions answered, please get in touch using the contact form below, sending us an email or picking up the phone and calling us at 07984104749! We are really interested in what you are looking for and we believe in giving you information and suggestions, more than selling something.
Don’t be afraid to ask!

What is Boudoir Photography for Faby and Carlo and why we think we are different

Boudoir Photography is a confidence building experience. It is looking at yourself and seeing the beautiful woman we see. The photographs are the crowning of an invigorating, bespoke and personal experience that will give you more than images. We are different because we place the idea that you are the most important person in the world!

Can I have a female only photographer?

Yes, absolutely. Whilst we believe that having both Faby and Carlo gives you the best of both worlds in terms of expertise, we totally appreciate and respect your request of having exclusively a female photographer with you.
Faby will be more than happy to be your only photographer whilst Carlo will still take care of other aspects of your Experience.

Do I need to get naked?

Of course you do not have to. It is entirely and only your choice.
Please remember that whatever is your initial answer, you can always change your mind during the photo shoot.
We suggest you to keep an open mind and see how you feel during the session.
Just consider the possibility you may regret not having done it after seeing your pictures.

What is your policy on Privacy?

Discretion is our most treasured ethical value. Your photos will be never used or showed on our website unless you expressly ask us to be featured on our website. 110% privacy guaranteed.

How much in advance do I have to book?

Ideally a Boudoir Experience should book after 2 weeks from the first contact. This leaves enough time to prepare, live and enjoy your experience at its fullest.
“Life is like a good glass of wine to be tasted, sipped slowly and making the most out of its unique aroma” Carlo Nicora.

Why should I book today if my wedding is in 3 months?

The Boudoir Experience we offer can take a couple of exciting weeks or more in which we will take care of every single detail for you.
At London Boudoir we do not do quick shoots because you are not a set slot in our calendar.
We believe in evenings with friends more than business meetings and this is our very personal and personable way to offer excellence.

I am not a model and I do not know how to pose

We are experts in photographing women of all ages and sizes and we will guide you through every step of the way.
A good photo needs to capture the real you in the most flattering way, and this is our job.
Your job is to enjoy and trust that you are never going to look at yourself in the same way again.
Posing is not the only component to make a good picture. A mixture of connection, being at ease, real emotions and knowing the most flattering angles certainly can do magic.

When will be my photos ready? Viewing session

After about a week from your photo session, we will invite you to watch a presentation slideshow with a selection of 25-35 photos completely retouched and talk about products and options.

What is your retouching policy?

We are absolutely convinced that confidence is all you need to look beautiful because your beauty shines from the inside out. Beautiful make-up, hair and garments are important aspects as well for making you feel good.
Nowadays you can change almost anything in Photoshop, however post-production is for us as salt and pepper. It can add intensity, but we do not want to make the dish something else.
That said, all the pictures you will be shown in your viewing session are carefully retouched to the highest standard by always taking absolute care of maintaining your authenticity.
It is our artistic choice to show only and solely the end result.

Where can I be photographed?

You can have the choice of the familiarity of your own home, a beautiful non descriptive residential studio, any of the many great hotels in London (at an extra charge for the hotel room) or wherever you want us to fly to.
The possibilities are endless.

I am pregnant. When is the right time to be photographed?

Every woman and every pregnancy are very different, so there is no set time.
The best solution is having the session when your belly overcomes the line of your breast, so that your bump is going to be visible, and possibly no later than your 37th week.

Can I wear swimwear instead of lingerie for my boudoir experience?

Yes, absolutely. Whatever makes you feel comfortable is the right choice.
Being sensual is a state of mind. What you wear – or you don’t – is a minor detail.

What can’t you do for me?

Sorry! We cannot be deem responsible for how seriously gorgeous you are going to look.

What are your working hours?

We are open 6 days a week from 9.30am to 9pm for enquiries via email, Skype or phone.
We generally start the sessions at 9.30am to make the most of the most gentle and flattering natural light, however evening options are also available on request.

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