Welcome to Faby and Carlo
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We specialise in Personal Portraiture for women and Boudoir Photography

Maybe you have landed on this page looking for someone to capture elegant, tasteful boudoir photography of you, and you have tons of questions about it. Our website is full of examples of our work and information on how to live the decision of being photographed in a way that give you beautiful photographs as well as an unexpected boost in confidence.
In these pages, you will find our elegant approach to Boudoir Photography, what we stand for, the frequently asked questions and so much more. The scene of London Boudoir Photography is crowded, but we know that our expertise in photographing women Elegantly gives our style an edge you won’t find anywhere else.


Elegance at London Boudoir Photography

At Faby and Carlo (London Boudoir Photography), our approach to personal portraiture is unique, exactly as you are.
We focus on photographing you beautifully; there are no embarrassing poses, no awkward moments, no cheap looking photographs, no set amount of changes or backgrounds. Nothing of this sort.


Imagine an advert “La Perla” style. Believe it or not, this is what we can do for you at Faby and Carlo – London Boudoir Photography.


The Experience at London Boudoir Photography

Our promise to you is that we will photograph the real you at your best. In fact, we don’t do “just photo shoots”, but we offer a proper boudoir photography experience that is going to change the way you will see yourself. Forever.
We don’t call it “a photoshoot”, as what you will live at Faby and Carlo (London Boudoir Photography) is so much more than that: it is going to be an experience tailored around you, who you are and what you would love to see in your photographs. The key for us is to make you feel at ease; only in this way the images will speak about the real you!

Understanding if our personal portraiture approach is what you are looking for and dream for yourself is going to be easy. Contact us, we will happily talk about our approach, our pricing structure, and in a one to one conversation you can also have a feel of who we are and see if we are the right photographers for you.
Drop us an e-mail, a text, or give us a call to start your beautiful journey to discover the real gorgeous you.


for every woman you are

the serious, the passionate, the private, the sexy

we know you are nervous

maybe you are thinking “I must be crazy”,

but here you are

and it is exciting

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