Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that a boudoir photography experience is something personal, unique, and to help you decide if this is something you want for yourself, we have listed below some important questions and answers.
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What is Boudoir Photography for Faby and Carlo and why we think we are different

Boudoir Photography is a confidence building experience. It is looking at yourself and seeing the beautiful woman we see. The photographs are the crowning of an empowering, bespoke and personal experience that will give you more than just photographs. We are different because we believe that you are the most important person in the world!

Can I have a female only photographer?

Yes, absolutely. Whilst we believe that having both Faby and Carlo gives you the best of both worlds in terms of expertise, we totally appreciate and respect your request of having exclusively a female photographer with you.
Faby will be more than happy to be your photographer, whilst Carlo will still take care of other aspects of your Experience.

Do I need to get naked?

Of course you do not have to. It is entirely and only your choice.
Please, remember that whatever is your initial answer, you can always change your mind during the photo shoot.
We suggest you to keep an open mind and see how you feel during the session.

What is your policy on Privacy?

Discretion is our most treasured ethical value. Your photos will be never used or showed on our website unless you expressly ask us to be featured on our website. 110% privacy guaranteed.

How much in advance do I have to book?

Ideally, a Boudoir Experience should be booked after 2 weeks from the first contact. This leaves enough time to prepare, live and enjoy your experience at its fullest.
“Life is like a good glass of wine to be tasted, sipped slowly and making the most out of its unique aroma” Carlo Nicora.

Why should I book today if my wedding is in 3 months?

The Boudoir Experience we offer can take a couple of exciting weeks or more in which we will take care of every single detail for you.
At London Boudoir we do not do quick shoots because you are not a set slot in our calendar.
We believe in evenings with friends more than business meetings and this is our very personal and personable way to offer excellence.

I am not a model and I do not know how to pose

We are experts in photographing women of all ages and sizes and we will guide you through every step of the way.
A good photo needs to capture the real you in the most flattering way, and this is our job.
Your job is to enjoy and trust that you are never going to look at yourself in the same way again.
Posing is not the only component to make a good picture. A mixture of connection, being at ease, real emotions and knowing the most flattering angles certainly can do magic.

When will be my photos ready? Viewing session

After about a week from your photo session, we will invite you to watch a presentation slideshow with a selection of 25-35 photos completely retouched and talk about products and options.

What is your retouching policy?

We are absolutely convinced that confidence is all you need to look beautiful because your beauty shines from the inside out. Beautiful make-up, hair and garments are important aspects as well for making you feel good.
Nowadays you can change almost anything in Photoshop, however post-production is for us as salt and pepper. It can add intensity, but we do not want to make the dish something else.
That said, all the pictures you will be shown in your viewing session are carefully finished to the highest standard by always taking care of maintaining your authenticity.
It is our artistic choice to show only and solely the end result.

Where can I be photographed?

You can have the choice of the familiarity of your own home, a beautiful non-descriptive residential studio, any of the many great hotels in London (at an extra charge for the hotel room), or wherever you want us to fly to.
The possibilities are endless.

I am pregnant. When is the right time to be photographed?

Every woman and every pregnancy are very different, so there is no set time.
The best moment is having the session when your belly overcomes the line of your breast, so that your bump is going to be visible. Ideally, between the 30th and the 34th week, and possibly no later than your 37th week.

Can I wear swimwear instead of lingerie for my boudoir experience?

Yes, absolutely. Whatever makes you feel comfortable is the right choice.
Being sensual is a state of mind. What you wear – or you don’t – is a minor detail.

What can’t you do for me?

Sorry! We cannot be deem responsible for how seriously gorgeous you are going to look.

What are your working hours?

We are open 6 days a week from 9.00am to 9pm for enquiries via email, Skype or phone.
We start the sessions at 9.00am to make the most of the most gentle and flattering natural light. Evening options may be available on request.