London Boudoir Photography

We are Faby and Carlo. Wife and husband and best friends, sharing the same passion for “photographing women for women”.
Our “Italian soul” sees beauty and timeless elegance. Yes, our accents may be funny, but we know how to photograph women beautifully. For us, photography is about authentic connection, and our relaxed approach makes it easy to be yourself and forget you are in front of a camera. We have been leading boudoir photographers in London since 2009, and our passion and style flew us all around the world to photograph women. Our promise to you is that our way of seeing beauty will change the way you see yourself. Forever.


Faby is a woman, an idealist, a photographer and a mum.
She loves food. She loves lasagna, cheese and coffee. Gave up cigarettes many years ago and never looked back.
Creative and messy, loves challenges and is bit stubborn (it runs in the family!).
Always battling with he curly hair and with the mirror, she decided that she wants to give women their confidence back.
With her pictures and much much more.


Carlo is a geek with a gentle soul.
Decisive and opinionated, he balances his strength as a leader with his almost feminine sensitivity.
He loves computer, coffee and definitively challenges.
He is doer. He organises Faby and her mess.
He always battles with his hair and does not want to sleep. Ever.
Carlo is able to capture in his pictures people’s souls and their stories like nobody else.

Fabiana and Carlo AKA Faby and Carlo

We are Faby and Carlo, real life husband and wife and partners in photography.
We have known each other for a very long time (more that all the fingers on two hands!). We first met a long time ago, and it was love at first sight. We got together in 2000 and before long we realised that not only did we share love for each other but also a love for photography. Passionate and creative Italian souls, although we take our photography very seriously, we do also have a sense of humour that ensures we don’t take ourselves too seriously!
We love boudoir photography and we love photographing the female form in all its shapes and sizes.
We believe that each and every woman is beautiful exactly as she is, and we hope this comes across in our images.

London Boudoir Photography

At Faby and Carlo London Boudoir Photography we believe boudoir photography is all about YOU. We love to capture the essence of a person, their beauty and their personality through our images. We believe that photographs are both emotional and visual memories… something we love to create and something that gives us great pleasure!
A London Boudoir Photography experience with us, whether you choose to be clothed, in lingerie or nude, is a beauty portrait that not only will you love and cherish; but will boost your confidence and show how beautiful you are.
From that initial phone call to final photo finish, with Faby and Carlo the entire process is called “The Boudoir Photography Experience”, or just “The Experience” because for us it is much, much more than a photo shoot. It is an experience you will enjoy and won’t forget.
Contact us to find out what we can do for you.