The Boudoir Experience

A path to self-confidence

Feel confident. Feel beautiful. Look amazing.

Beautiful photographs you will always be proud of

Social media and the beauty industry are imposing unrealistic standards of beauty on women.

It is pressurising and depressing. We can’t carry on like this. This has to stop.

Hardly any of us looks like those models and we all have our wobbly bits. No one excluded (yes, models included!).

No matter how many compliments you receive from others, you still feel insecure. Why? Because we compare ourselves to what we see around and we feel never “good enough”.

The idea of having pictures taken makes you cringe and focus on all the things that make you feel insecure. And, in any case, you do not believe you take great photographs.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine what it would feel like to:

  • Have an amazing experience tailored just for you
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Capture the best version of you
  • Have gorgeous photographs to celebrate “you” right now

A boudoir experience is the answer. You will see yourself in a completely different light and uncover your real beauty.

“The mirror is the worst judge of true beauty”

[Sophia Nam]

I love my photos. They are glamorous and sexy but elegant. I love how I look – all of me and it has given me a lot of body confidence to see how amazing I look.


The Boudoir Experience is much more than just a photo session.

It is a beautiful experience that will transform the way you see yourself forever.

You will be guided, pampered and photographed by us (Faby and Carlo)

We will take care of every single detail for you so that you can be free to enjoy your precious “me time” and have elegant photographs to celebrate “you”.

What can you expect from a Boudoir Experience?

Some of the juicy elements that are part of every Boudoir Experience

Consultation call
An opportunity to have a feel if we are the right photographers for you, to see how we can make your vision a reality and ask as many questions as you may have.

Personalised Mood Board
Showing is better than telling. We will create a beautiful collection of images to set the mood for the session and visualise what your experience is going to look like. Romantic, sensual, sexy or suggestive: we photograph you for the woman you are.

Bespoke makeover
A professional make-up artist will take care of beautiful hair and make up to enhance your natural beauty to make sure you will look and feel at your best.

The Boudoir Magazine
‘What to wear?’ is the most asked question. We have prepared everything you need to know about styling, preparation, options and much more. The Boudoir Magazine is the ultimate digital guide to your Boudoir Experience.

Photo session
From posing you head to toe, to making you feel comfortable, we will give you the peace of mind of an unforgettable experience.

Private Viewing
A week after your photo session, the selection of your photographs will be served with sparkly prosecco in a friendly atmosphere: It’s time to celebrate you!

words of love

Confidence is all you need to wear

I can’t help but look at my photos nearly everyday. The whole experience from start to finish was truly a dream to live, and resulted in better quality photographs than I could ever have imagined.

Mrs B.

I’ve always had “doing a boudoir shoot” on my bucket list, but I’ve held off on doing it since it’s rather hard to get right. I wanted photos that were sexy yet tasteful. I  was nervous, but I still felt very much in control, which was great.

Miss Sergia

This is definitely worth doing – even if you’re nervous or in fact petrified like I was. Faby and Carlo do a wonderful job at putting you at ease and talking you through the whole process. In fact, they now feel more like good friends, and there’s zero embarrassment factor at all. My husband was absolutely thrilled.

N. S.

A little bit about us

Our mission is to help other women feel safe, accepted, heard and seen for who they are, free of judgement.

Every woman should feel beautiful.

Every woman should feel confident.

Every woman should be empowered to be the beautiful, invincible person that they are inside.

This is our superpower. This is what we want for you.

We are Faby and Carlo. Wife and husband and best friends, sharing the same passion for photographing women for women.


Faby and Carlo x

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