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Let’s make a deal, shall we?

We promise to tell you everything we know about boudoir photography and about how we see and do things. We won’t hold anything back. You can dig in every page of this site, on every blog post to read who we are. We promise that on these pages you will meet the real us.

The only thing we as in return if for you to read all these pages believing you can be one of the women you see. For the time you will spend on our site, remember that there is no judgement, no “wrong size“, or comparison of any sort between you and the women we photographed. Just imagine how would you feel to hold a luxurious box of beautiful images of you, like the ones you see here.

We are Faby and Carlo and we specialise in boudoir photography. If you are here, it means you are curious about what boudoir photography actually is.

Are you are asking yourself ‘what can they do for me’?

We are passionate about making women feel unique and beautiful. Being photographed by us has nothing to do with being vain, because our boudoir experience is more than “just a photo shoot“, it is an unforgettable experience.
Modest contemporary portraits, boudoir photography or paint-like art nude, our promise to you is that you will feel and see yourself like never before. Our experience is crafted around you, around the unique, beautiful woman you are.

And yes, we are photographers, and the photographs you will get are going to last a lifetime. They will be a precious, intimate memory. For every time you look in the mirror and you think ‘I cannot’, what if we told you that you can? We do not expect you to do or know anything in front of our cameras, just to embrace who you are. Imagine the freedom to see who you can be.

Let us show you.

Why Boudoir Photography?

Why boudoir photography? Because every woman deserves to see herself for the beautiful person she is.

Nowadays, when everybody tries to conform and compare to others, we stand for uniqueness. Because there is only one of you! Too many times we see photographs that capture beautiful poses, but is that really you? To us, boudoir photography poses are just a references we start with. We come alive when we capture the real you.

How do we do it? We are experts in observing and photographing beautifully a person’s natural gestures that make them who they are, the unique way in which you move, that is why we are able to photograph you in a way nobody else does. Effortlessly and naturally.

It is amazing to see women falling in love with themselves again. This is what we stand for.

Welcome to Faby and Carlo, the home of Elegant Boudoir Photography in London

Beauty has no age, shape or size. It is in the eye of the beholder and it breaks every standard. You will never be happy if you compare yourself to supermodels, as comparison is always a losing game.

You will be happy in discovering your own beauty, embracing who you truly are. Boudoir photography is about seeing this “exclusive you”. To do so, we create a bespoke experience, individually crafted around what you desire.

Let’s talk about your boudoir photography experience. We don’t rush things, as we want to get to know you. This is how we craft our vision of you.

What if you could be sure to look amazing in your photographs?

Imagine being in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Imagine feeling free of being who you are, who you truly are and enjoying that feeling. Not being judged, but being listened to and understood and actually having fun. Imagine feeling and looking beautiful and having such incredible memories as the final result. Isn’t it an amazing feeling?

What you are imagining right now is how a boudoir photography experience with us feels like. This is how we do it, and this is what we believe a boudoir experience should do for you. The way we see boudoir photography is not a quick photo shoot, but a bespoke session shaped around your dreams that will make you feel a goddess. Inside and out.

If our London Boudoir Photography intrigues you…

Do you like what you have seen so far? Would you like to ask us any question? Do you want to know more about the investment? We are here for you.
Our boudoir photography experience is bespoke.
We would like to talk to you to understand how we can make this experience unique for you. Luckily, a simple call back is all you need and we will be able to answer all your questions.
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