Gender Equality and the small things worth fighting

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Gender equality is a topic very close to my heart. The role of women in social media, in particular, is something I find offensive. To reach gender equality, we should ask the same treatment for men and women. I know there are many steps to be walked, and that the gender equality in social media is not the most important one; however, it is one of those I live every day.
It does not really matter which area of the gender equality we tackle, the important thing is doing it. Make your voice heard. If you are a woman, start from the small things in every day’s life. If you are a man, “be a man” and stop hiding behind an inequality that, should you be on the other side, you would find revolting.

He for She, approaching gender equality the other way around

A year ago, Emma Watson launched a fantastic campaign for gender equality: He for She. To me, it is brilliant: leverage men to help fighting women’s causes. Well, to be honest gender equality is not properly a women’s cause, it is everyone’s cause. Gender equality fought by man would send a message; unfortunately I am the first not understanding clearly how to help He for She.

Gender equality in social media

I wonder why men’s nipples are perfectly acceptable, while women’s are taboo. I would have thought that the mammary glands would have receive the wrath of bigots, but nipples? Why? Gender equality should be also about these idiocy. Men sexualises breasts, and men make the rules of the big corporations who dictate the rules of the Internet. Doesn’t it sound strange?

Do not feed the trolls

The Internet is a special place. If for many it is the new way of living life, for some it is a place where to hide behind anonymity and behave in despicable ways. I have witnessed countless times personal attacks and shames directed to people using the Internet. Too many of those cases are about the lack of gender equality: women publicly shamed for being proud of a non-perfect body. Men verbally abusing women just because they can. This is sad; however, I would like to remind that the best way of dealing with these people is not to respond to their attacks.
Responding to these attacks does not to any good to gender equality. Trolls flames posts not because they want to start a discussion. They use flaming words to start a fire. If you believe in gender equality, feeding trolls is not the way to go!

She for She

Having a man fighting for gender equality is a bonus, but I believe more women should fight for gender equality themselves. Again, a boudoir blog that speaks about gender equality in social media through “tits” may not sound serious enough, but I believe it is something. It is more than many are doing at the moment to have the same rights of men.
We are equals, we should be treated as equals.
Gender equality should not be a cause worth fighting for, it should be a human right; however, the world still needs some fixing, and there is the need of an army of women starting to fight for gender equality, whatever small the pitch, whatever ridiculous the outcome. We should stand together, shoulder to shoulder, to straighten the inequalities.
Are you passionate about women in politics? Stand up and fight. Do you believe that women should have the right of walking bare chested in public? Go girl. Do you feel that women should not be afraid of being molested while on public transport. Start supporting it.
Women should unite, women should ask for gender equality in everything. Yes, women may lose certain advantages society grants them as they are seen as the “weak” gender. This is just a lie: it is something you are shown not to complain about the lack of gender equality.

If you feel that gender equality in social media is a laughable matter, be it. I don’t. I think it is a small rock we should get out from our shoes. And we should stop walking on those rocks, stop accepting the lack of gender equality

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