Toxic Men, How To Recognise And Avoid Them

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Toxic Men are men who love themselves more than anyone else in the world. Everyone’s life revolves around theirs. If you are in a relationship with someone who falls in the category of toxic men, you are in danger. If you don’t know if you are, then reading this short post won’t do any harm.

Today you can read about how to recognise toxic men. You should understand the danger of toxic men in your life. It is time to understand that you are worth more. Your body is a temple, and it is beautiful as it is. Toxic men want to subjugate you to what they want, and not being who you are.

Fancy reading what a man thinks about these sub-standard type of male?

Toxic men: how to recognise and avoid them, by Faby and Carlo

Recognise Toxic Men

Toxic Men have the need to crush others. In a relationship, they want to be the “alpha male”. The first thing to look for is the traits of power they display. These traits are things like these:

  • making you feel they have other options
  • promising they will be with you at a certain time, but showing up way later without any sign of honest remorse
  • controlling your body and dictating what is good or bad for you
  • controlling your life
  • treating you in a bad way 49 times, and being the sweetest thing only once
  • Checking where you are and what you do at random times

There are many other symptoms, but these are very important to spot. They are all linked to men who use their power to make you feel less important than him. Sometimes it is physical power, but many times it is psychological. Toxic men tends to be great manipulators. If confronted, they will either act surprised or incredulous.

To avoid them, keep a private diary, and make sure to write down when these things happen.

Toxic men: how to recognise and avoid them, by Faby and Carlo

Toxic Men or jackasses?

Some are not Toxic Men, they are jackasses. Can you tell which one you are facing? It is important to understand that many men grow up with a disregard to details. Many won’t do things “on purpose” to put you down, they won’t understand that what they are doing hurts you. My suggestion to keep a private diary is because the symptoms are similar. A toxic man will apply pressure every time, while a jackass will do it only from time to time.

Communication is your best ally. If you see a pattern coming up, try to speak up understand why he is behaving like that. Remember that asking him not to behave in a certain way is not the key. You can treat the symptoms of his behaviour, but he won’t change. If you understand the truth behind a behaviour, you can understand him and, if he is a jackass, help him change. But what if he is a toxic man?

Toxic men: how to recognise and avoid them, by Faby and Carlo

Love and how to avoid Toxic Men

I will tell you what toxic men don’t want you to know. You are beautiful, intelligent and you are worth more than you think. You don’t have to look as he wants, and your life is more important than his own. Don’t get guilty and fall in their submission. For how 50 shades of grey may read nicely, it is not a healthy relationship.

The key point is to recognise them before giving them your heart. For toxic men you are not the most important person in the world, they are themselves. Avoiding them means putting you in first place. Avoiding them meaning leaving space for a man that love you for who you are, not for what he thinks you should be.

Accept and Love yourself: this is the best you can do for your life. Toxic men won’t help you in this.

Toxic men: how to recognise and avoid them, by Faby and Carlo

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