Toxic relationship: it doesn’t foster self confidence, but ruins it

As women’s photographers and confidents, we hear numerous stories of toxic relationship. The main issue with this specific type of toxic relationship is that it does not look like one. Many [...]


Am I a bad mother? About choosing to raise an only child

I am an only child, and our son Ethan is as well. Am I a bad mother because I decided to raise an only child? I do not think so. But I am aware there are mothers that worry about raising an only [...]


The psychological reality behind getting naked no one truly understand

There is a reality behind the act of getting naked, especially in front of your boudoir photographers. This reality is not the obvious one of getting naked and loosing your clothes. It is [...]


Pinterest and the disappearing nudes

Hey Pinterest, what’s up with nudity? Seriously, what’s so inexplicably wrong with one of the most natural state of being? After the hypocrisy of Facebook and Instagram, whose rules on nudity are [...]


Real beauty is a dystopian work of fiction

I will write once more about real beauty, and what I believe to be a very difficult reality women are living. In my opinion real beauty is a dystopian work of fiction, as it is undesirable to [...]

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