Perimenopause sucks!

I am almost 46 and definitively perimenopausal. How do I know? Certainly I’ve not learnt it in the manual I was given at birth (NOT!), but from my reactions in the morning when my perimenopausal [...]


Photographing women for women. Why we chose boudoir and art nude

Why did we choose boudoir and art nude? Let me digress a bit… Sue Bryce is a successful portrait photographer and one of my favourite photographers. She is a huge inspiration for me,  and [...]


Internal organ prolapse. What women do not tell you about pregnancy

Becoming a mum is a beautiful journey that can be also scary for many reasons. Your body goes through a lot of change and your relationship with your partner changes as well. Your life will be [...]


Yoga practice. The 7 secrets to master it without making the fool of yourself

Searching for images of “yoga” or “yoga practice” on Instagram or Pinterest can be quite depressing. All you can find is perfectly fit women in impeccably graceful yoga poses that [...]


How to recognise the internal voice of the real you

We all have an internal voice that talks to us. Sometimes it helps us by being positive and supportive of what we want to do, and sometimes it just tells us that our ideas are crazy, we are not [...]


Putting yourself first. The 3 golden rules to happiness

We are taught that putting yourself first is selfish. Especially if you are a woman, how can you possibly think that putting yourself first is acceptable? According to society, being a woman [...]


Embracing change

Change. Such a small word, and such big fear around it. What is about change that is so scary? Embracing change implies dealing with unfamiliar situations, and that feels uncomfortable to all of [...]


Help! I do not like my post pregnancy body

I had a baby. And now what? What do I do with my post pregnancy body? I know it is my body, but it is different and I feel it, I see it, but I don’t feel it’s me, not anymore. This is [...]


How to find yourself

Is there a map on how to find yourself? While every journey is different, there are things we can do to help ourselves find and nurture that voice inside of us. Deep down that voice wants to be [...]


Am I a bad mother? About choosing to raise an only child

I am an only child, and our son Ethan is as well. Am I a bad mother because I decided to raise an only child? I do not think so. But I am aware there are mothers that worry about raising an only [...]