How to recognise the internal voice of the real you

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We all have an internal voice that talks to us. Sometimes it helps us by being positive and supportive of what we want to do, and sometimes it just tells us that our ideas are crazy, we are not ready, it is not for us, and so on.
This battle inside our heads can be very confusing. Deep deep down we all know what we would like to do, or where we want to go, but we often feel that if we go for what we want, we are bad, so we listen to the other voice, the one that tells us to stop.

What is the internal voice that reflects who we really are? Who should we really listen to? The internal voice that tell us to grab life and go, or the other that wants us to stay put?
Let’s find out.

The internal voice by Faby and Carlo

The duality of our nature

The reality is that shit happens to everybody. Sooner or later, life will slap you in the face. But what you focus on is what makes your whole experience of the very same situation totally different.
Many individuals I know believe that they have no power, that bad luck, bad relationships and bad jobs just happen to them and they are somehow destined to it. And their internal voice tells them that it happened to them because they are not good enough, so they do not deserve to get what they want in life.

Let me introduce you to your ego system internal voice.
It has often got a bad temper, will tell you all the nasty things you fear about yourself, and point out everything that is “wrong with you” and the world. That internal voice will make you feel miserable as a scornful parent telling you “I told you so” when it warned you not to do something and you did it anyway.

The internal voice by Faby and Carlo

The ego of your internal voice

In reality, the purpose of the ego internal voice is a good one. The ego internal voice wants to protect us from pain, disappointment, sadness and all those situations and feelings that can hurt us. It wants us safe, but we all know that there is growth only outside our comfort zone.
Think of it as an invisible armour we wear every time we go out in life, and you will have given a form to your ego internal voice.

But there is another internal voice, and this one is bold, fearless, and kind. It wants you to experience and enjoy life in its fullest, it believes in love no matter what, it enjoys simple things in life, and it comes alive every time that you witness a scene that moves you. That internal voice is like a curious child that seeks novelty (have you ever listen to children when they say “I am bored”?) and is thirst for life.
Think of it as a happy go lucky child whose curiosity would be greater than any fear.

Sounds complex, eh? Yes and no. Recognising the internal voice of the real you is easier than we think.

The internal voice by Faby and Carlo

Meet the real you: the first internal voice

We have two internal voices. One is the internal voice of the fearless us. The one that steps out when we are able to put aside all of our worries and fears, when we accept and embrace our vulnerability like an old cosy jumper to wear with our dearest friends.
Want to know what it looks like? Think of having enough money to be able to cover your life and the one of at least a couple of generations to come. How does it feel? Pretty good, uh?
What would you do? Let aside what you would do with the actual money, that means, forget everything you can buy with it, and focus on what You would want to do. What would you really enjoy doing? Painting? Decorating? Be a yogi master? A stylist? Building skyscrapers? What are those things that make your soul sing?

Do you remember when we were little kids? Teachers and parent would ask us what do you want to be?
As kids, we did not have the concept of needing to earn money to choose a profession, we simply replied from our hearts. That little kid’s voice is the internal voice of the real you.
Think of that internal voice as the best part of you. The one that is a supportive and helpful friend, the one that sometimes is blunt but always loving. The one you would go to when you really need guidance from someone you trust would tell you the naked truth because it wants the best that life can offer for you. This is you.

The internal voice by Faby and Carlo

The second internal voice

The other internal voice, the ego voice, is also part of who you are, but it is the part of you that wants to keep everything as it is, it does not like change, because dealing with the unknown ca be a painful situation. That internal voice is like an incredibly dramatic friend that overreacts at the thought of subverting the status quo.

But life goes on, whether the ego internal voice likes it or not. Life is a continuous flow, it is change, it never stops and it evolves. And we do too.

Want to be a bit happier in life? Listen to the internal voice of the real you more often and nourish it. Even when you feel you “should” be worried and you “should do that”, just go out for a walk and enjoy what you see. Everything will seem so much better afterwards.

The internal voice by Faby and Carlo

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