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Why did we choose boudoir and art nude? Let me digress a bit… Sue Bryce is a successful portrait photographer and one of my favourite photographers. She is a huge inspiration for me,  and her workshops literally changed my life, my view on photography and business.

Today, I was watching one of her talks, when I had to stop the video. She said something that upset me deeply.
Mentioning boudoir and art nude style, she explained that while she creates a “nude look” for her clients, she does not need to see or show vaginas and penises. I felt that her comment was judgemental and condescending. In fact, the message that came across was that boudoir and art nude are “inappropriate” forms of photography. Especially coming from a person that works with women and that I admire as a professional, that comment hit me like a wall.

Boudoir and Art Nude: An unpopular choice

When I mention boudoir or art nude photography, often both men and women imagine some tasteless, cheesy, vulgar and even sexually explicit images. But it is eye-opening to realise that even masterful professionals from inside the photography industry itself can perceive the boudoir and art nude genre in a distorted way.

The way I see boudoir and art nude is like an edgy fashion editorial style for women that have never been in front of the camera before. For me, what they wear or do not, is only a question of choice. The reason I am passionate about boudoir or art nude is because the clothes you choose to wear send a message for you. “I am stylish and romantic, I am strong and independent“, but when there is you, and you alone, you have just yourself to deliver the message you want. Your eyes speak, your body language is all you have, and you own that message because you are the message. You own yourself. And the process of capturing you is pure and beautiful.

boudoir and art nude by Faby and Carlo

My personal view, and I am very passionate about this, is that boudoir and art nude are a beautiful and artistic way to celebrate yourself, your body as well as your soul.
Being in front of a camera makes you already feel vulnerable, but you can still hide behind a pretty dress, if you want to. Being “naked” in front of a camera does not allow any hiding. All your insecurities are exposed. To be naked and feel great, you need to be totally empowered to being yourself.

The way a photographer photographs a nude woman and her curves is what makes the real difference. Carlo and I see only beauty and elegance in anyone. For me and Carlo, a naked body has nothing to do with sexuality, it is about embracing who you are.
We do not see anything sexual. We see and feel energy, we see vulnerability, we see art. I see you. And I embrace every single bit of you. Especially the ones you are not so proud of, because it is what makes you “you”.
We know very well that not everybody is ready to undress in front of a camera. You need to walk a path of self discovery and acceptance that can be painful for some, but incredibly rewarding.
We make our clients feel safe and beautiful because we honour who they are as individuals, we honour their beauty, their soul, their vulnerability, their humanity and I want to show them how beautiful and empowering this is.

Maybe your idea of boudoir and art nude is associated with some cheesy, inelegant and over sexualised images that made you cringe (me as well!), or maybe you are not keen of being nude in front of a camera yourself for your own personal reasons. All fair points, but that does not mean that there is something “wrong” with the boudoir and art nude.

I can assure you that it is not all there is, and there are plenty of fantastic photographers that celebrate women’s body and femininity with great artistry, respect and elegance, and I personally believe my husband and I are one of them.

Why? Because my husband and I photograph women for women. It may sound like a tiny difference, but it is huge one, instead.

boudoir and art nude by Faby and Carlo

Let me give you an example.

When, as a woman, you choose a dress for yourself, you think of what you like. You look inside yourself and maybe you pick a pink dress or a flowery one because you just… love it. What happens if you need to buy a dress to go out on a date? Your choice maybe different. You may unconsciously pick a dress to entice someone and instead of choosing something that for you is pretty, your choose something a bit more sexy. Or maybe more conservative to avoid giving him an idea you do not want.
I am generalising here, but this is exactly what I do as a woman. My choices are different if I do something with myself in mind, or someone else.
Because women who come here at Faby and Carlo decide to take a step outside their comfort zone, they mainly do it for themselves. Yes, the other “reason” can be one million different ones, even a partner, but deep down we do it because we want to celebrate who they are. And that’s ok. It is what we are here for.

That is why our style is elegant and timeless and it has more of an expensive fashion editorial look than. Because this is what most women love and want for themselves. And that has nothing to do with any sexual element. It has everything to do with the woman you are.

boudoir and art nude by Faby and Carlo

PS: all the images in this posts are 100% natural. No makeup, no retouching, just the woman in front of our lenses.

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