Your Wife’s Self Esteem Is Key To Your Love And Joy

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Your wife’s self esteem is not only your partner’s problem. It is about being a couple, and helping your wife self esteem is a step towards happiness. Not only her happiness, but yours as well. Paving the road to your wife self esteem will revitalise life together. If you can’t yet see her benefits, you can consider yours.

Today, we will speak to our male readers. We don’t often write to them, but they read our blog. With this post we want to give few advices on how to make their lives better. Alas, it won’t be through things they can do for themselves.

I am talking to you. I know that you may not consider your wife self esteem a priority. What if I told you that your wife self esteem is the gateway to a healthier life.

How to recognise cracks in your wife self esteem

Let me start from stating what should be obvious. No woman on earth has enough self esteem. Media bombard women every day with messages that tell them they are not enough. Even the stronger woman will compare and question herself. Every time this happens, a dent in your wife self esteem appears. But how can you recognise these cracks?

Does she:

  • avoid taking pride in what she does?
  • minimise her victories and underline her mistakes?
  • avoid using those dresses that so lovely wrap her figure?
  • feels over tired?
  • find difficult to go out with people she considers “better than her”?
  • aim lower than you know she could?

Well, I am sure you understand all these can be signs of your wife self esteem being a bit shattered. Even more, do you understand that helping her is going to be great even if your wife self esteem is not low?

How to increase your wife self esteem by Faby and Carlo

Why your wife self esteem will mean the world to your happiness?

Now, the last words on why you should help your wife self esteem. I don’t like to leave stones unturned. If you have a wife, or in a relation, your happiness depends on how happy your relation is. Imagine waking up in the morning with your wife smiling at you. One of those nice, honest smiles that you can’t resist to smile back. Now imagine having a nice, relaxed conversation with her in front of a cup of coffee. Her voice is kind and steady, without any trace of irony or sarcasm. When you come back from work she has the dress she has not worn for years, and it still fits her. And she looks amazing in it. It is time to go and have a dinner out this evening.

Now tell me that your wife self esteem is not key to your personal happiness. Also, this is the base of “letting go“; ease the pain of others, and you will remove what make them harsh.

Man are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Man and women function in different ways. Yes, this is one of the important life lessons I have learned by living with Faby. Now, don’t think I am a complete ignorant. What I mean is that there is one subtle difference between men and women. A small difference which, if mastered, makes you (man) invincible.

When men opens up and speak up about their problems, more often than not, they want help. We look for solutions to our problems. Women don’t. It took me years to understand that when they open up, there is only one thing they want: you to listen. You don’t need to give them suggestions. Knowing how to fix their issue is not what they are looking for. They want you to listen to them. That’s it.

Next time your wife speaks to you, try to do this. Listen carefully, acknowledge her feelings and then… shut up. I mean it. Unless she asks for solutions, don’t give them.

Oh, by the way, you are welcome!

How to increase your wife self esteem by Faby and Carlo

A list of things to help your wife self esteem

I like lists. To the point and simple to execute. We can be good at it. So, what are the things you can do?

  • DON’T tell her you are doing this for her. Be humble and make sure whatever you do, it comes from the heart.
  • Listen to her and acknowledge her feelings. Don’t try and solve her problems, it is not what she wants.
  • Stop being judgemental. If she does something wrong, don’t underline it. She knows it already.
  • Praise her. If she does something well, or if she makes an effort, tell her.
  • Appreciate her. What’s in your head is not written on your forehead. Tell her you appreciate her, that you love her or how beautiful she is.
  • Be patient. Your wife self confidence is not going to get better after two “I love you”. Healing takes time
  • Book a Boudoir Session for her. Ok, I admit this is a bit cheeky, but I assure you that this helps. A lot!
  • Help her by not helping her. Tricky one, I know. The idea is that you have to be there for her, support her, give her strengths with a simple word. Don’t do things for her, but be her best supporter.
  • LOVE HER! I may be Mr Obvious here, but… mean it!

I have to warn you, it is not going to be easy (except for the boudoir part). It will take time and if you won’t fail at least once the boudoir session is on us! What I can promise you is that it is going to be worth it. A confident woman is the best person you can have at your side!

How to increase your wife self esteem by Faby and Carlo

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