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Plastic surgery is often an element of discussion amongst boudoir photographers. It is not deciding if plastic surgery is right or wrong (it is not a photographer’s job to comment on this). Plastic surgery is more than what the external eyes see. It is what women feel inside. It is obvious that there is a visible change in the body, what about the changes which are not visible?

If you try to be everyone’s cup of tea, you will start playing a loosing game. In deciding if to go for plastic surgery, don’t look outside. Validations can only come from inside yourself. What are the hidden and powerful changes plastic surgery can bring you?

Plastic surgery as life saving option

Plastic surgery is not always about looking better than before. It is often about gaining back something lost due to life saving treatments. The number of breast cancer survivors we photographed is staggering. Many of them still have a battle inside themselves. They decided to go for surgeries, yet they still miss the part of themselves they had to let go.

A strong reminder to avoid any judgement towards plastic surgery came from a client not so long ago. She did not have her original shape, but that was because of a treatment she went through to save her life. She mentioned it when she asked us to have some images more revealing. It felt like she was not comfortable with that part of her body. It is never up to us to judge, but the images she saw did wonder for her confidence.

Plastic surgery as confidence building

We are who we appear to be. Yet, only part of who we appear to be is defined by our shape. Who we are come from the inside. The real impact of plastic surgery is in the way women see themselves. That is what matter. If you wake up in the morning feeling proud, you will wear your best self all day long.

Plastic surgery is never a black or white area. There are so many grey shades that every case is a world on its own. I hear that plastic surgery is all about being vain, but it is more than that. The pressure on the women’s image is huge. Since teenager hood, media show women they are not enough. It does it by portraying unobtainable standards. In a society that profits from self doubts, liking yourself is an act of rebellion.

Consider the visible impacts to your shape

The only advice we can give you if you are considering a plastic surgery is a simple one. Make sure to put your body in the hands of professionals. In our long career we have seen and photographed any type of body. From size 4 to size 28, from natural bodies to plastic surgery. Women are beautiful and their true beauty comes from the inside; yet, we have seen good jobs and bad ones. In some cases the bad plastic surgery had the opposite results from the intended one. Instead of enhancing a body giving self confidence, it undermined it. Instead of making the women feel more beautiful, it dropped them into self doubts.

Using a scalpel on your body is always a danger to your health. If you want a new shape, make sure to plan your investment. The step you are considering is not a simple, so do your research and do not opt for the cheaper option!

Living with a new body

It does not matter if you are happy with your new body from the get go, or if you need time. The first step to do after surgery is to accept and appreciate yourself. Be careful of selfies’ myths: they can be deceptive. Treat yourself with honesty, look at yourself for the woman you are and focus on the positives.

The client we mentioned before looked at her breast during the shoot. Her gaze revealed an underlying sadness. “They are not yet mine… but they saved my life” she told us, regaining her smile. Yes, always look at the bright side of life.

I am not discussing “plastic surgery: yes or no”. I am looking at plastic surgery in a non judgemental way. There is much more than what’s on show. There is the confidence of a woman.

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