Long term relationship and the golden rules to keep it healthy

A long term relationship is something incredible. It feels like expanding our self into something more than just ourselves. Being in a long term relationship gives you a sense of calm; however, [...]


Present for her: a Boudoir Experience of course!

“Which present for her would you suggest?” a person I know asked me a few weeks ago. When I mentioned a Boudoir session, he looked at me puzzled. He thought that boudoir would not fall in the [...]


The Priest, the Psychologist and the [Boudoir] Photographer

Few weeks ago we spoke about the differences between Boudoir and Glamour. This week we will spend some more time by digging into the psychology of boudoir. This article has been sparkled by one [...]


How to look sexy

Is there a secret on how to look sexy? Actually there are a couple. They are not secret and they may require some courage, or the right dose of alcohol… Knowing how to look sexy is related to [...]

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