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Which present for her would you suggest?” a person I know asked me a few weeks ago. When I mentioned a Boudoir session, he looked at me puzzled. He thought that boudoir would not fall in the categories of a “goodpresent for her. I gave him few reasons why it actually does and why it is for everyone, for your “her” as well. Of course I thought that seen that he did not see the point in including Boudoir as a present for her, maybe you may find this article interesting as well.

A Present for her? A boudoir experience by Faby and Carlo at London boudoir photography!

Personal portraiture for women

The first objection he raised was simple; her wife would never go nude in front of a camera. My reply was simple you do not need to go nude for a boudoir session, it really is up to you how much skin to show. I mentioned that we call our style “personal portraiture for women” as it is not just photos of women in skimpy underwear.

A boudoir, or personal portraiture, can be a great present for her because we make it bespoke for every woman we photograph. We don’t have a “present for her that fit them all”. Your partner might be more reserved and more interested in simple, modest portraits. Or she may be interested in very elegant art nudes.

The big advantage of giving a boudoir experience as a present for her is that she can decide how to see herself.

A Present for her? A boudoir experience by Faby and Carlo at London boudoir photography!

Boudoir is Confidence

One thing I repeatedly notice is that women gain self confidence after being in front of our lenses. This is because they see with their own eyes what you see every day: their real beauty. Women tend to overthink things, and thy tend to believe in mirrors more than in us. We can say they are beautiful every day of the year, yet they won’t consider our compliments. Most of the times the compliments coming from us are going to be dismissed because “they come from you”.

A present for her is letting her see how beautiful she is without anyone saying it. We capture her for who she really is, by capturing her essence in the best possible way. Women’s skepticism rarely survives photographs that capture their beauty for what it really is!

A Present for her? A boudoir experience by Faby and Carlo at London boudoir photography!

One of the presents for her which is for you as well

This may sound really bad, but a boudoir experience is a present for her that actually is a present for the both of you. I say this with all the most positive intentions. The present for her is not just an experience or the final photographs or the confidence she can gain, but it is also about her attitude to you. You will find that a more confident woman will approach her relations more openly.

A boudoir as present for her is a huge gift to yourself as well. Her beautiful photographs and her renewed confidence are things you can’t have enough of!

A Present for her? A boudoir experience by Faby and Carlo at London boudoir photography!

Which presents for her are both an experience and something to treasure?

Something I often say to my kid, is that he should focus more on experiences than things. You may broke a toy or lose a physical gift; having seen a new country, having swam in the ocean or having flown all across the globe are things that shape you forever, because they are experiences. Therefore the perfect present for her should include an amazing experience;  this is another reason why a boudoir experience is the best of both worlds. It is not just a photo shoot, it is a path of self discovery, of positive reinforcement of the fact that she is beautiful. It is about exploring herself again, this is why it is a great present for her.

Of course at the end of the journey she won’t come home only with the memories of the experience. She will have images that will trigger those memories. Hanging on the wall of your bedroom, or in a private box, those images will be more than photographs. Those images will remind her how beautiful she is and how amazingly she felt when she went through the Boudoir Experience.

A Present for her? A boudoir experience by Faby and Carlo at London boudoir photography!

How does it work?

Remember that the photo shoot is not the gift in itself. The entire experience is the present for her. It is about who she is. It is about what she wants; so, in order to surprise her we can prepare a gift card which opens the door to the experience.

The “card” will be just the first step. Let us treat her in an incredible way; so this gift is probably going to be the best one she ever received. If you are looking for a present for her that won’t end up in a drawer… you are one phone call away from it.

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