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I believe that everyone is a bit scared of being photographed. I am, especially because I tend to overthink things. In my head I can’t figure out how I am going to look, so I end up “Chandlerising” myself. Like Chandler in Friends, I tend to wear a face that is not mine. The reason is that being photographed can be absolutely terrifying. And then there is the “small” detail of being photographed with little or nothing on.

If you are scared by this idea, there are two things you should know: first, it is absolutely normal; second, we understand you better than you can imagine. Being photographed means trusting the person behind the camera, this is why we are so open about who we are.

Being photographed by Faby and Carlo at London Boudoir Photography

Being photographed is not simple

We hear you loud and clear. Stepping in front of a camera exposes us to a harsh judge. The details in our skins, they don’t go unnoticed; however, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The bad thing is finding, behind the camera, someone who does not understand our emotions. Being photographed is about building a trust relationship.

Being photographed by Faby and Carlo at London Boudoir Photography

Being scared is absolutely OK

Let me repeat one of the most important things: being scared or nervous about a boudoir photography session is absolutely OK. You are considering a step outside your comfort zone, so why should you be completely calm and relaxed? Even if this is something you really want to do, there are things you need to “make yours”. Don’t believe that there are women who jump naked in front of a camera as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Being photographed for such an intimate type of images requires some psychological preparation. Models need it, so why shouldn’t you?

We understand that there are part of your body you love more than others. Also, we suspect that there might be part of your body you are not very fond of. of course we are not going to focus on those, don’t worry. We are going to make you feel at ease, because only when you will feel “you”, the real magic of boudoir happens.

Being photographed by Faby and Carlo at London Boudoir Photography

Ask your questions, and chose your photographer wisely

There are questions you need some answers to. So, the best thing you can do is ask away. Don’t be shy; remember that after all we are professionals. No, you are not going to be the first woman we have seen in underwear. No, you are not going to be the first woman to tell us that you have some issue with how your stomach look. Yes, we know all of this as we have something important: experience. We have been photographing women for a long time now, and we know what make a good photo: You being at ease. Under this light, there are no questions that are too small to be asked. If it is something you want to know, for how small it may feel, we believe we have an answer for you.

You have to pick your boudoir photographer not just for her style of photography. You should be “in tune” with her. Ideally, you should “feel” that she understands you and can make you feel at ease and comfortable. Picking the right photographer is an instinct. Do you feel understood and cared? Do you feel a connection?

Remember that a boudoir session is unlike any other “normal” portrait session you may have had before. It exposes you, so you need to walk into one when you are ready.

Being photographed by Faby and Carlo at London Boudoir Photography

We know about your pound in excess, and we believe you should be relaxed on those

If you are reading this, it means you are probably still interested, or at least curious. 50% of the women that decide not to book a session, do it because they feel they have to lose “a few pounds” before the session. Alas, 95% of them will never be photographed. Ever. This is very sad, as we allow our insecurities to bar us from a path that -despite being scary- can give us much moron terms of self confidence.

Being photographed by Faby and Carlo at London Boudoir Photography

If you feel you have some pounds, let us tell you that you are not alone. What makes the difference, though, is the trust you have in your photographer. Being somehow a bit curvier may not be what you would love, but we can guarantee that reality is much better than what you think. The mirrors whose opinion you respect so much, lie. All of them.

So, when it is going to be your boudoir session? Why don’t you start booking an informal call with us, where you can ask us every question you may have?

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