Tan skin and boudoir photography

One of the question we receive more often is about the tan skin for photography. In this article we will give you our thought process as photographers in regards to tan skin. Of course we can’t [...]


Retouching: 3 “miracles” you don’t want to see in your photos

In the era where Photoshop is easier to use than a camera, heavy retouching seems the standard on every photo. Retouching has become so affordable, than it is becoming a question of morality more [...]


Nudity is not a sin, and this is how I discovered it

Today I photographed a boudoir session which contained nudity. It is my job to capture the women’s forms in the best possible way, and nudity is part of this. Then this afternoon, while riding on [...]


I’m scared of being photographed: we know what you feel

I believe that everyone is a bit scared of being photographed. I am, especially because I tend to overthink things. In my head I can’t figure out how I am going to look, so I end up [...]

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