Jennifer Lawrence’s nude pictures. Why we should not look

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By now, surely many of us know that someone hacked into Jennifer Lawrence‘s phone and published some nude pictures she did of herself. Yes, we all know about it. And no, we won’t post any link.

The pictures are public domain now; however, this does not mean that it is ok to go and have a look at them. The reason is very simple; those are private images Jennifer Lawrence did not want to share with the world. Anybody who is hunting those nude pictures down, or publishing them for personal gain, should be ashamed of themselves.
And of course this comes from a wife and husband team who shoot boudoir, and art nude. But we come from a place of believing that privacy is key, and what goes out in the open there should be a decision of the subject of the pictures and nobody else’s. Not even the photographer; despite of course owning the copyright of those pictures.

One of the values we treasure in life and business is respect.
All of us have their own business or work for one, and we know that privacy that in today’s world is so important and fragile at the same time, and that is why we should always make sure that the individual and our clients are always protected and respected. Too many times we feel that integrity is lost after a money transaction is completed. But as companies and individuals we should remember C. S. Lewis’s definition that “integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching”.

Is Jennifer Lawrence guilty?

Many people posted comments saying that Jennifer Lawrence simply should not have taken those nude selfies, but frankly this is utter nonsense.
Why should a woman be ashamed of her body?
Jennifer Lawrence in particular is an example of a healthy body image. In an interview she said we should eliminate the word “fat” from any communication with other human beings, and in another case she even refused to lose weight when the film industry tried to impose it to her. Jennifer Lawrence is proving a much better and grounded person that those who are trying to shoot her down because of those private and personal nude pictures exposed to the public eye.
Many of Jennifer Lawrence’s fans raised to the occasion, and defended her for unacceptable violation of her privacy, because we do not feel she is guilty of anything.
Loving who you are should be a priority in life, not something to be shameful of.
Who stole and published those pictures should be the one to be condemned.

So, we should do the right thing and not look at those nude pictures, not because Jennifer Lawrence’s dignity is at stake, but because she did not choose for those nude pictures to be seen, and we should be more respectful of a person’s life choices. There are people that for personal gain would do whatever, but we should stop a moment and think of the consequences those actions would do to a person’s reputation, or even career in Jennifer Lawrence’s case.
And to those who argue that she is a public figure, we believe she has still the right, like Kate Middleton had to sunbathe as she pleased, to do what she likes behind closed doors where nobody should intrude and steal pieces of her private life.

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