Makeup ideas for mature women. Part 4

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After a long Christmas break, here we are again to continue to discuss some interesting and useful insights about makeup ideas for mature women.
So far, we have talked about what changes with age, the importance of primers, foundations, the power of contouring and what to use, eyeshadows, false eyelashes and mascara. It is now the turn to talk about how to obtain beautiful eyebrows.


After Cara Delavigne has become a global beauty icon, especially because of her immaculate eyebrows, there is no woman on earth that does not take good care of her eyebrows.
I said it before, and I am even more convinced now, eyebrows are an extremely important detail to pay attention to, because they frame the eyes and give that particular look to the face.

The first thing to understand though, is our face shape. If we need to give harmony and balance to our features, we need to understand our proportions in order to counterbalance the effect of a long face or a round one.
There is quite a lot of information around, but I found a website that I find particularly easy and straightforward to understand the connection between eyebrows and face shape.

Another important point is to have hairs in your eyebrows.
It may sound a bit of an exaggeration, however I have met many women having their eyebrows reduced to barely a line or having it permanently tattooed on the skin. I am sorry, but in normal conditions and in good health, it does not look good, so it is not among the best makeup ideas, especially for mature women.

Another important element to take into account is the shape and the length of the eyebrows.
To look good, eyebrows should to gently follow the shape of the eyes, making sure to complement also the shape of the face (long, oval, round, square, etc).
Most important of all, we need to ensure the eyebrows are kept tidy. Whatever technique resonates with you to remove any unnecessary hairs, remember that having a mono-eyebrow that runs below your forehead is not the most flattering of choices, so take those little devils under control.

Talking about the ideal length of the eyebrows, your eyebrow should end within an imaginary line starting from the outer corner of the nose following the outer corner of your eye and continuing to the end of your eyebrow. Anything longer than that, will unbalance your features.
In terms of where the eyebrows should start, again it is a question of balance, and I would suggest to look at where the internal corner of the eye is.

Today there is the awful trend of redesigning completely the eyebrows to make them look so perfectly geometrical. To me, this is not a great make up idea, because it looks unnatural and not very stylish. Eyebrows are there to complement the face in concert with the other facial features, so overpowering the eyes – or being the only feature you can actually see – is not what I feel is a very flattering result.
To avoid this, moderation and balance are required. The eyebrows should make a gentle arch 2/3 towards the end.

Another important element is the colour of your eyebrows should match your hair colour as closely as possible, or in case of blondes, being only slightly darker.
The colour, along with the thickness of your eyebrows is of utmost importance to look right. Too thick, and they will look manly and really weird.
Too thin, and they will look dramatic to the point of looking a bit crazy.

Nowadays we can have many makeup ideas and tools to refine and reshape our eyebrows. There are powders similar to eyeshadows as well as brow pencils. I personally love the Instant Lift for Brows from Clinique pencil, because it is precise and it has a highlighter on the other side that is very useful.
I personally use both, and I find them good makeup ideas to fill in some gaps here and there and to give a fuller and tidier look to my eyebrows.
The final touch is to brush them throughly so the actual hairs are visible and well groomed, and finally to use some soft hold gel to leave them in place.
To give more depth to the arch of the brow, remember to use highlighters just underneath the arch. And voila’, perfect eyebrows!

Next part will be dedicated to beautiful lips and sultry lipsticks. Stay tuned!

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