How To Develop A Positive Mental Attitude With One Simple Trick

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In today’s world a positive mental attitude can be everything you need. Self talk is one of the areas we are not careful enough. We speak harshly with ourselves, ignoring the damages we do to ourselves. A positive mental attitude towards ourselves develops in a positive self talk, which is healing instead of dangerous.

The difficult thing is to find a leverage on how to approach a positive mental attitude and self talk. Today I laughed hard at a joke I found online. After recovering though, I realised that there was an extremely powerful message behind it. It was about self talk and developing a positive mental attitude.

A positive mental attitude in ONE trick

Our positive mental attitude worst enemy is our self talk. We don’t realise it, but the way we talk to ourselves is putting us down. How many times have you thought you were “stupid“, or just that you were “fat“. When Faby tells me off when I have a negative self talk, I tend to think that it was just a “way of saying“, but she is right. So, in order to maintain a positive mental attitude we should stop the negative self talk. Doing it can be easier than you think.

Take a public person you despise. I like to use Donald Trump, his male chauvinistic approach is despicable. If you are a woman, you should consider him for this reason alone. Then, whenever you speak to yourself, just imagine him telling you what you are saying to yourself. What would your reaction be?

developing positive mental attitude, by faby and carlo

Murmuring “fuck off” is ok!

If anyone would look at Faby and told her she is fat, I would gladly tell them to fuck off. It is just plain wrong. Does it take into consideration hard work, personal issues and body confidence? Let’s be honest, it would be unacceptable. Would you ever go to someone and tell them they are stupid? Rare exceptions aside, that would be completely out of line.

Yet we do it on ourselves, day in day out.

Imagining a chauvinistic person telling us what we tell ourselves, will give you a perspective on the way you speak to yourself. On top of that, I personally feel a sense of pleasure to tell a person I despise to fuck himself. This can be a man attitude, but you should try it. A swear word does not solve problems, but sometimes it helps.

Stop the negative self talk and foster a positive mental attitude

A positive mental attitude is a fruit. If we produce a rotten fruit, we should not try and fix the fruit itself, we should check the roots of the tree. In the same way, positive mental attitude is developed from its roots. The self talk, that is the self respect you give yourself, is the root of the mental attitude.

Moving your negative self talk to an external entity you can just shake a bit. Thinking it is someone else to speak badly about you, would probably made you realise you would not allow anyone to speak to you like that. This will help you talk to you more gently, hence helping your positive mental attitude.

Good Luck!

developing positive mental attitude, by faby and carlo

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