The 5 signs of good self esteem

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What are the signs of good self esteem? In the pages of this blog, we have often discussed about confidence and self esteem. We have often underlined the hidden traits that may reveal a low confidence and how to change them. But what are the signs of good self esteem and how can we leverage them to make us stronger.

Today we will talk about those small attitudes we sometimes give for granted. We will underline why they are important and how you can make them count even more. So, it is time to look at ourself and tell us: well done to foster these signs of good self esteem in my life! You will find many other signs of good self esteem around. We wanted to pick these which are the ones that leave the mark.

1. You do enjoy others without looking for comparison

This is my personal number one, hence the top spot in this post. Many people love to compare themselves to other, yet you like to see your life as unique. The fact that you don’t need external validation comes almost as a natural trait. Some people may find your “sailing alone” as a sign of a self-centred person, yet you know it is far from the truth. You like others for what they are, without having to run agains them.

Keep up your great way of life. If you avoid comparison, you support your being unique. If you want to make a step forward, boosting your self esteem even further, why not helping others? Many times people who compare themselves, tend to do it as a way of releasing stress. You know that by looking at your own good sides, the comparison vanishes. If a friend start comparing herself to someone else, underline few things about her you love? You won’t confirm nor deny her stand on other people, but you will brighten her day.

signs of good self esteem by Faby and Carlo

2. You welcome mistakes as learning technique

It is funny how people around you tends to beat themselves down every time they fail. You, on the other side, tend to look at your mistakes with a curious look. It feels incredible you did not do it right the first time. Yet looking back at your decisions you can see what drove you down the right path. You reassess yourself and start again, no harm done. There is no judgement on yourself for your mistakes, you seem to bounce back.

Of all the signs of a good self esteem, this is the one which can give you better momentum in gaining confidence. Why don’t you apply your natural non judgemental approach to your feelings and words? Try to look at what surrounds your life as if it was coming from an external eye! It will reduce the emotional attachment to moments, giving more clarity.

signs of good self esteem by Faby and Carlo

3. You are kind to yourself

We all have meltdowns. Yet, what make you stand out from the crowd is that when it happens to you, you choose your words with care. You tend to be kinder in the words you use to describe yourself. This approach is very healthy and it helps bouncing back.

Moving one more step forward is helping others being kinder with themselves. Helping others to be kinder to themselves will only make you stronger. Make sure you don’t underline the fact that they are using harsh words with themselves. Smile and help them reshaping the way they speak with themselves. A simple “I am sure I will be more careful next time” is a hundred times better than “I am stupid, as I always hit my foot on the bed”.

signs of good self esteem by Faby and Carlo

4. You speak in positive terms about other people, or not at all

What Bob says about Alice says much more about Bob than about Alice. Gossips are treacherous, and you avoid them. Well done! If you talk about someone you see their good side. And when you can’t find a good side, you don’t speak about that person at all. Why should you linger on negative thoughts?

We are always conditioned, in a way or another, by the environment we live in. The way of moving forward, if this trait is one of the signs of good self esteem you have, is to project it outside. The healthier the environment you live in, the healthier you are. So, when someone in your social circle starts gossiping, deviate the discussion. Gossip is a spiral which hugs us in its dark embrace. While some may feel enriched by this, gossiping is always a lose-lose situation. The more your social circle is empty of gossip, the more time you will have for positive talks.

signs of good self esteem by Faby and Carlo

5. You accept the fact you are not perfect

I look in the mirror and I don’t see the man I was twenty years ago. Of course I am a more defined person and I appreciate how I live. It is my body which has taken some beating. I know I am not perfect, yet I accept it. As well as I do, you know nobody’s perfect, neither are you. When you come to terms with the reality and you accept it, your world has much more free time for what is great!

You are not perfect, but can you become better than today? That’s what you can work on if you’d like to shine even more. My perfect example is, once more, my body. I know it’s not perfect, but there are things I can do to make it better. I should start exercising more. Eating a bit less would do as well. With these two things alone, I would bridge a lot of what I don’t particularly appreciate. Remember, this is not about getting perfect, it is about working hard to make better what you can

signs of good self esteem by Faby and Carlosigns of good self esteem by Faby and Carlo

What are signs of good self esteem I left out?

So, did you see in one, two or all these signs of good self esteem? Well done! And if you haven’t, you now know what you can work on if you want to live a better life. Now that you have read my five points you can have your say about yours!

signs of good self esteem by Faby and Carlo

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