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The Bridal Boudoir is a trending topic in boudoir. In the past few months, we have seen a lot of brides to be (congratulations to all of you!!). One of the trending questions around the bridal boudoir experience has been about the look. Which style works best? In this article we will start scratching the surface of what works best for a bridal boudoir. We want to give you a primer you can use to make your photographs stand the test of time.
A bridal boudoir experience is something unique. It is worth doing it at your best!

Bridal Boudoir?

The idea that a bridal boudoir is, first and foremost, a gift to the groom to be is not entirely correct. To us, the definition of boudoir is linked to self confidence and self esteems. A boudoir experience is about the image a woman has of herself.
Then, something important to keep into consideration, is the fact that women tend to invest a lot in their look before their weddings. For our wedding, Faby used to say that she loved her look, which for her is quite a statement. A bridal boudoir, under this perspective, make the boudoir experience more enjoyable for women.
Seeing yourself more beautiful than you thought you were is a huge boost to self esteem, and a bridal boudoir is the right experience at the right time.

White and Ivory

The look that is more associated to a bridal boudoir is based on white an ivory. This is, in part, true. We always encourage to bring garments of colours that match our customers’ personalities; however, for a bridal boudoir we always suggest something white: its simplicity is timeless. More importantly, when you will look at your photographs in 5 years, you will re-live not just your amazing bridal boudoir experience, but you will link it to the emotional moments of your wedding.

What should you wear for a bridal boudoir?

In my experience, what works best is your bridal lingerie. Plain and simple. If you have a beautiful corset for the first night, or maybe a delicate set with suspender and stocking, then that’s the way to go.
The reason is simple: powerful, emotional memories. Photographs have the power to evoke things we forget. If these things are memories that we would rather keep in our head, then the better.
What would be better than opening your album or your folio box, looking at yourself as you were during your first wedding night? Wouldn’t it be such an amazing opportunity to let these memories come to life?
My second option would be wearing… nothing. If you are comfortable enough in your skin, this is the perfect moment for showing it. The photographs are going to be a gift for your man, which we are sure is going to appreciate the art of your body. Then we can point out that, probably, you will work very hard to get into your best shape, so there is not going to be better time for it.

bridal boudoir and veils

One accessory that you should really have for your bridal boudoir is a veil, at least if you plan to use one on your dress. The veil is a wonderful accessory for many reason. It can wrap your figure, it can imply your nudity, it can create a veil of mystery or it can simply create that silhouetted atmosphere that works so well.
We know that bringing something as important as your veil to a bridal boudoir session is something that needs some preparation. This is why we always suggest to leave some time between a booking and a bridal boudoir session. This will give you the possibility to plan to get your veil in advance. Alternatively, as it happened a couple of weeks ago, you can collect your veil just for the shot, just to give it back the day after. It is a good use for it!

Faby and Carlo at Brides The Show!

We are super proud to announce that we have been accepted as Bridal Boudoir Photographers for this fall’s Brides The Show in London. Brides the Show is one of the most exclusive bridal shows in the UK, organised by Conde Naste. They thought that our style was in line with what they are presenting, so we will be there!
We are already planning a beautiful stand, where the bridal boudoir will be trending! Are you going to join us on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th October in Islington? In the next few weeks, we will start offering 2 for 1 tickets to the show.

What would YOU wear for YOUR Bridal Boudoir? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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