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#unretouchedbeauty is a campaign which goal is to promote self confidence and self acceptance in women. It is about showing you your photographs without any digital enhancement. #unretouchedbeauty is about body acceptance, self confidence, real beauty, real you.

Why did we started #unretouchedbeauty?

To us, every woman is beautiful. We truly mean it; however, we feel that real beauty is not in the perfect skin photoshop can achieve. We believe the true beauty of a woman is the sum of her appearance and her being herself. Capturing who you are is something we learned in our long experience in photographing women, but with the #unretouchedbeauty campaign we want to move one step forward. Our goal is to show you that the lines of your body, maybe some expression line that was not there few years ago, those are part of what makes you beautiful.
We are tired of magazines that portrays unreal women. Sixty years old stars do not have a teenager skin, and cellulite is like ideas: everybody has some. Alas, in the mainstream publications we only see perfect bodies, we only see what we are not. Of course, because we cannot be like them, as they are not like them in real life either.
We launched #unretouchedbeauty because we believe you need more than photos. You need confidence. You need more than beautiful photographs of yourself. You need the know that the person you will see is you, 100%.

#unretouchedbeauty: why does it work for self confidence?

Women tend to be skeptical about compliments. Almost all of them, When they receive one, they tend to ask themselves what’s behind that compliment. Sometimes we ask ourselves: “what does he/she wants?“.
One of the main reason why women don’t want to be photographed by us is that they believe that “I could never look like her“. Unfortunately we cannot tell you we can, we have to show you we can.
#unretouchedbeauty goes to the root of it: the photographs you will see are going to be you. You won’t have any chance of thinking we tampered with your photographs. You will have to face the reality: the compliments you get can actually be real.
How scary would that be? How incredible would be to discover that you look actually better than you figure yourself in your mind?
#unretouchedbeauty make sure to give you confidence in how you truly look. No photoshop, no alteration, no retouching, just the beautiful you.

[quote]we believe you need more than photos.
You need confidence[/quote]

Advantages of #unretouchedbeauty

As we mentioned, #unretouchedbeauty cuts through skepticism. Yes, you can be that woman. Actually, you are better than that woman, and there can be no denying, as the images will be completely natural.
We believe that feeling beautiful has nothing to do with being vain. Feeling beautiful, or better knowing you are, will give you a confidence boost. Confidence works around the spectrum of your life. You will walk confident, you will approach life knowing you are better than you thought you were.
#unretouchedbeauty has a lot to do with beauty, self confidence starts from there, but affects all your life!

Disadvantages of #unretouchedbeauty

No, we won’t tamper with your image. If you think that those beautiful age lines are bad, then #unretouchedbeauty won’t help you. Our goal is to show you for the beautiful woman you are, but we won’t try to prepare your photos as if they were ready for a magazine cover (with their unrealistic standards).
We won’t show you under a negative light, we will still work our magic behind the camera. What you have to realise is that the more you can accept yourself and look for the beauty in you, the more your life will get better. What you call imperfections, other may see as a unique trait of beauty. Those gentle curves you so often hide; you may see them as “few pounds too much” while others may see them as the curves of Love. If those are the things you fear, we will show how beautiful they are on you, on the real you!

#unretouchedbeauty is more about your soul than your body. #unretouchedbeauty is about looking at your beautiful self and walk away with your head held high.

And yes, your partner will be able to tell you “I told you!”, and he will be right!

Our tempting offer

We believe so much in the power of the #unretouchedbeauty campaign that until the 31.12.2015 we are ready to waiver our session fees. You won’t be charged a penny for a bespoke boudoir experience, you won’t pay for the makeup artist, for a photo session without time limits and for a private viewing of your photos. You will be able to join us for free, paying only for the images you like, after having seen them.
We are taking a risk, as we may walk out of the deal having a lot of expenses, but we believe in the #unretouchedbeauty campaign so much that we know it is going to work for you.
We cannot tell you how beautiful you are, we can only show you, and with #unretouchedbeauty you won’t be able to question your beauty.

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  • Karen

    I find this “unretouched beauty” somewhat hypocritical since you’ve mentioned a makeup artist. Why is makeup superior to photoshop? If you’re so enthusiastic about showing our “natural” selves without photoshopping, why are you insisting on painting our faces? Makeup is, after all, a form of real life retouching. If you genuinely believed in natural beauty, you wouldn’t insist on giving us all a makeover before photographing us

    I actually met you in person at an event a few weeks ago, where I asked if you could photograph me without makeup (since I never wear it) and you said no, apparently because I’d look “washed out” under your studio lighting. However, since this time, I have been in contact with several photographers who have told me that any good photographer who knows their stuff will be able to make you look good without makeup, by positioning the lighting differently. If you really can’t make me look good without makeup (which is how I look every day, and there’s nothing wrong with my face, thank you very much), then quite frankly you’re probably not very good photographers.

    I’ve made enquiries with several of your competitors, and several of them have agreed to photograph me in a genuinely unretouched way, without photoshopping and without makeup. I’d like to see you offering the same service, otherwise yours is just a bit of a facade. I would prefer pay for a good photographer who knows more about lighting issues, rather than make use of your free service.

    • Fabiana Nicora

      Hi Karen,
      Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to speak with us at Brides the Show.
      We appreciate your point of view on make up and how you feel about it being another form of photoshopping natural beauty, and we would like to respond to your comment.

      First of all, we wanted to apologise if our approach offended you because this was never our intention. Neither us (Faby and Carlo) or any of the make up artists that work with us believe that make up is necessary to make any woman look good. We truly believe that every woman is already beautiful as they are, even if too few are able to actually see it.

      Personally, we feel that Photoshop and make up are two very separate issues.
      Many of our customers love wearing make up because they feel it is a way of enhancing their beauty. They feel about make up as they do when they wear a lovely piece of lingerie, or go to the hairdresser to have their hair coloured, cut or just styled.
      Some women feel that applying perfume will cover their natural scent, others believe that they need a nip and tuck or botox to look beautiful and fresh.
      We respect whatever choice an individual feels is ok for them because we are passionate about bringing out the best in every person we photograph, not to judge their choices.
      In fact, our suggestion to utilise make up for photo shoot does neither suggest nor imply that there is anything inherently wrong with anyone’s feature or skin.
      It is a fact that make-up helps to add depth to a person’s facial features and the light reacts differently when a person is ‘camera ready’.
      We personally see make up as a photographer’s ally, in fact, it helps to make the most of what is already there. Also, in our experience our clients love being pampered, and they feel great as a result.

      As per the photoshop issue, often Photoshop is used to redefine a person’s body shape and age, to erase “imperfections” that are simply part of who we are, and that we personally feel are beautiful details of a person’s history.
      As photographers, we believe that every woman is beautiful, no matter her age, shape or size and they should stop comparing themselves to impossible standards of perfection, often obtained with the excessive use pf Photoshop. We have decided to launch the campaign “unretouched beauty” to show women how beautiful they already are. Photoshop free.
      We are sure that other photographers have different takes on photography, beauty, light, make up and many many other things. And thank goodness, because we all have our own artistic views. The beauty of being individuals is that we are all unique and therefore we see things differently.
      It is our artistic choice to have a make up artist on set to make women feel taken care of and pampered and to make them “camera ready”.
      If either the use of a make up artist on set, or our personal approach to photography is something that does not agree with your views, you should definitively not hire us as your photographers. It is of utmost importance that you feel comfortable with the person that is going to photograph you.
      We are sorry for not being able to help you with your request. However, we are grateful for your comment, because you have brought up some issues that will certainly help other women to make the right choice.

  • Karen

    So you’ve written these two things:

    “Neither us (Faby and Carlo) or any of the make up artists that work with us believe that make up is necessary to make any woman look good. We truly believe that every woman is already beautiful as they are”.

    “We respect whatever choice an individual feels is ok for them because we are passionate about bringing out the best in every person we photograph”.

    Then this one:

    “It is our artistic choice to have a make up artist on set to make women feel taken care of and pampered and to make them “camera ready”.

    Can you really not see how you’re contradicting yourselves?

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