You should not have your photos professionally taken, and this is why!

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If you think about it, you will realise that images are not so important in our lives. I am sure you can easily remember the summer of ’86 when your first love (Jeremy… or was it John?) brought you that beautiful bunch of roses, the first you got in your life! Even easier than that is to remember how much you loved last Spring’s haircut; it is a shame you cannot really explain it to your hairdresser in details.
Then let’s be honest, photographers are not cheap, they want to be paid for something your friend can do. Of course, the images you have on Facebook are not “perfect“, but we are sure you did not invest money on them. Actually I believe I can give you more reasons why you should NOT hire a professional photographer for your portraits!
You Should Not Have Your Photos Professionally Taken Or Should You

Your self confidence is not affected by how you look in photos

One of the things I have always thought is that confidence is not affected by how we look in photos. Sometimes, when friends snap up in their mobile phones and upload photos on Instagram, we don’t look… let’s say at our best. Well, but at least the filters were cool! I mean… who, after seeing an image, would risk having a crisis of “Oh my god, I look {fat, ugly, not photogenic, etc}“? It would be like looking at our reflection in the mirror and judging us just for what we see. Have you ever done such a thing?

You Should Not Have Your Photos Professionally Taken Or Should You

Men are attracted by your dating website short bio, not by your profile image

As women, I am sure you are prone to understand who the guy on the dating website is through the words he wrote, not through his profile image. Men are exactly the same: we want to read the women’s bio in depth, we want to click every profile to see if they match with our lifestyle. Nobody in his right ming will click just on the profiles whose images show a “better looking” woman. That would be so wrong; therefore your Facebook picture, the one where Instagram blurred everything apart from your face will be perfect for your dating website profile.

You Should Not Have Your Photos Professionally Taken Or Should You

Snapshots will be more than enough to show your children how you were today

Do you remember how boring the session where our parents showed us the “vacation slides” were? When I was a child I hated them: all the family together, showing grandma and grandpa about us. And what about today? The same images that tell a part of our story are somewhere in a closet. We spent hours digging through them for daddy’s 60s birthday, and we discovered how gorgeous mum was when she had the possibility to make an effort and wear that lovely dress…


Do you actually think I am correct? Do you truly think that we can live our lives without images to remind ourselves in the future or to show us for the beautiful people we actually are?

A beautiful photo is an investment in memories. I am not sure I can still say that you should not have your photos taken professionally.

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