Undress as you were the most desirable woman in the world: a How-To Guide

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Do you want to feel good and start getting some confidence back? Feeling desired is certainly a great way of doing it, and knowing how to undress as you were the most desirable woman in the world certainly makes it happen.
How to do it? Well, in all honesty the answer is quite simple and it involves the most erogenous part of the body; we are talking, of course, about the mind. I am sure that men, at this point, would have jumped straight to other (and wrong) conclusions, but the fact that they are unaware of the truth makes this even better for you.
Do you know that confidence breeds confidence? This is a fact, as the confident you are, the positive feedback you get. And of course the more positive feedback you get the more confident you become. It is a snowball effect, and what you need is just a gentle push.
Confidence, in fact, is all you need to have to be desired as you can apply it to everything you do. It is confidence that make you the most desirable woman in the world. Let me explain you how in detail.
Undress most desirable woman Fabiana Carlo Nicora fabyandcarlo.com

Seen that the mind is the most erogenous part of the body, why don’t you play with it?

Chuck Palahniuk, in his novel “Choke” presents a character who makes others live sexual moments just with hypnotherapy sessions: “the Mommy used to say this wasn’t sex. These weren’t real women as much as they were symbols. Projections. Sex symbols. The power of suggestion
Wikipedia defines role-playing as “the changing of one’s behaviour to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role“, but what does it mean in our context? It means that all of us can become someone else for some time. And if you are thinking that you should impersonate someone else to impress your partner, you have misunderstood my words. What I am hinting is that you should play a role to give yourself the strength to start the confidence snowball effect.
Truth is that if you can convince yourself that you are sexy, you will be. If you can stop looking at yourself as the mother of your child, or at the woman whose body is not any longer as perfect as it was fifteen years ago, then you will be able to let the inner sensuality come out and give you back your confidence.

Undress most desirable woman Fabiana Carlo Nicora fabyandcarlo.com

Rehearse your undress skills, but don’t do it in front of the mirror

To be comfortable to undress in front of your partner in a sensual way, I would certainly suggest you to rehearse what you want to do. Do this not to memorise any specific “move”, but to give your body the “memory effect” of what feels sexy.
One important piece of advice: knowing women and knowing how they react while facing their image, i strongly suggest you NOT to look at yourself in the mirror while rehearsing the undress. Remember that what you are doing is teasing minds, and they rarely need to see to get excited. Trust yourself and make sure you feel comfortable doing what you are doing, without the need of seeing it.

How to undress to impress

When you start to undress, do it slowly and almost casually. It shouldn’t be clear that you are teasing him. Both you and your partner’s minds will enjoy the sensation of “something’s going on, and it feels good“. If you connect too quickly with your partner, of if you make it obvious, the mind will not have the time to explore the infinite possibilities of the moment. It is much more intriguing when men feel they are overlooking something he was not supposed to be watching, and if you keep a low profile he will be projected in your role-playing.
Do things slowly, as you were concentrated on something else. Don’t look for the eye contact. You can also talk with your partner while you are doing it, but make sure he does not have any other distractions apart from you.
Another important thing is to keep things unrevealed a little bit longer. Do you want an example? If you are wearing a dress, don’t take it off straight away, you can try removing part of your underwear before undressing? Your partner’s mind will register that you don’t have your bra or your nickers underneath, but he won’t be able to see anything, so the mind will start kicking in.
Linger a little bit longer on something trivial while almost totally undressed, like putting away your earrings, for example. This will reinforce the desire.

Undress most desirable woman Fabiana Carlo Nicora fabyandcarlo.com

Whatever you do, believe in it!

Confidence is the key in making your undressing something memorable. Think about your “character” and not about you. Think about what your body is doing, not how it is looking. Believe in what you do, not in yourself. These are key things to keep your own perception of yourself shadowing his perception of yourself, and this will mean the world to the both of you.

Oh, and before I forgot to mention: enjoy it!

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