This is what happens when we leave our comfort zone!

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Every now and again we face events which are remarkably close to our hearts. Because they are so personal, we need to work out if we can live and capture those moments, or if it is better for us to do only one of the two things. As some of you may know, we are branching our photography into videography as well (and some of our most recent customers know it already). So it happened that our dear Friend Emanuela, an exceptional baby photographer, asked us to document the birth of her second child, Alexander. We wanted to tell a visual story, and this is what we produced for her!
There are no set poses, no controlled environment. On the contrary, we had an incredibly emotional couple of days filming this. We were there with our Friend while she was having a baby, we were living the moments, the tense ones as well as the happy ones, yet we were there to give her something that will, without any doubt, will stay forever in their life.

To our Friends Manu and Nico. May their future be blessed with every happiness
To Alex and Maxi, may the world be your oyster

Thanks to everyone in the Lansell/Westminster Suite in the St Thomas’ Hospital in London
Without them this video would not have been possible

Get out from that warm comfort zone

This project was way out from our comfort zone. Had it been only a set of images, that would have been inside our “zone”, but telling a story with photos and videos while living the moment was something else. Yet, what I hadn’t expected was to enjoy this as much as we did. The entire journey has been intense, Fabiana cried the first time she saw the final cut of the video as she did the second and third time as well, but enjoyable.

When has it been you stepped out from your comfort zone, doing something different? When is the last time you challenged yourself doing something you do not feel 100% confident to do?

It is hard to make people understand how valuable visual memories are, using just words. I believe that having photos and videos of yourself is something invaluable, but maybe the best way of passing this forward is making people see what my words mean.

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