The price of freedom

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One of the most treasured rights in my list of values is freedom.

It is a value I have always believed in and fought for since I was a child. At the time I used to call it justice, but I soon realised that my personal view of justice was my freedom to choose and to be.
It costed me my relationship with my parents, a few enemies, a lot of uncertainty and the priceless pride of looking at myself without shame. At least most of the times.

The price of freedom at by Fabiana and Carlo Nicora

Bye Italy. Searching for freedom

Many people ask us why Carlo and I decided to come to London and leave the sunny and fashionable Italy. Jokes aside about politics and economy, there is a truth to be told. The marvellous – and most obvious – things that you can benefit from by living in Italy are too high of a price for both Carlo and I.

There I had to let go of some of my dreams because unfortunately the system does not work and things cannot be done. I call it “the can’t do attitude”. It wraps my homecountry with its subtle embrace and puts a veil of inevitability on everybody who refuses to cheat the system and therefore someone else. Whoever that someone else might be.

The price of freedom at by Fabiana and Carlo Nicora

7 Years in London

When I came to London a new and fantastic realm of possibilities opened up to me but I refused to see them. I was so used to silence my desires that had become whispers too feeble even for my ears to listen to.
I was too afraid and “institutionalised“.
I perfectly knew what not to do but I did not know what I really wanted. I felt completely overwhelmed and decided to choose security over my desires because it was too risky to do otherwise. I voluntarily cut off my freedom to be for what I knew and was considered reasonable and safe. I could have everything but I was imprisoned by my own fear and I had no one else to blame.

After 7 years in the UK and our beautiful son, I came to rediscover the very essence of who I really am on the threshold of my 40s.
I thought that my passionate and trusting nature was lost in my reasoning and the lies I told myself as a grown up, but I was happy to be mistaken.

I followed a long path that has brought me behind a camera instead of a desk. A path that was often full of self sabotage and shooting down but led me to empower other women with the same doubts I have.
My way is to show them the beauty of their vulnerability instead of being ashamed of it.
I would like women to embrace their body and their femininity instead of focusing of what does not appeal to a false perception of what a woman should look like.

I know that I can help others because I have been there and I know how bad it feels not being able to express our souls. I know that change is possible because if I did it everybody else can do it. And remember that the choice is yours to make because we have the freedom to change the way things are.

The price of freedom at by Fabiana and Carlo Nicora

What’s next

In the next weeks I will write some of my personal experiences and tips that helped me overcome some issues in my path to become a better person, mother, professional and a sexier woman.
Yes, you can have it all.

If this is something you are interested in and would like to share your views with me, stay tuned.

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