5 things you should do to stop shooting you down

We have a very strange way of looking at ourselves in the mirror. Our eyes seem unable to see us as we really are, the real person reflected in front of us. We focus so much on small [...]


Why having photos of yourself on the wall is not narcissistic?

I can almost immediately understand if someone is an American or a Canadian expat just by walking in their house, here in London. On their walls, on their tables, you can [...]


A Wife and Husband Photography Team

This week we are going to show you Faby and Carlo as the Wife and Husband duo we are, and how this is making us... different, as if we need [...]


The Things I Would Have Loved To Understand About My Body When I Was 20

Life goes incredibly fast. And the more you grow, the more your time perspective changes and life goes even faster.I remember when I was 16 I really wanted to be 18 because in my mind I could [...]