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This week we are going to show you Faby and Carlo as the Wife and Husband duo we are, and how this is making us… different, as if we need something more to make us one of a kind. As a long term couple, we act and manage our customers with a common vision; however, we remain two separate photographers with our style of directing and photography. We see the beauty in different forms, but I guess this should be expected as have two different sensibilities, one mo masculine and the other more feminine. We like to think that we bring the best of both worlds to the women that live the Experience with us.

A Wife and Husband Team photography london fabyandcarlo.com

A team that needs no words

A good friend always joked with us saying that Faby and I have only one neuron shared between us. The good thing, she says, is that we finish each other’s sentences, the bad one, she underlined, is that sometimes she feels she is talking to the one of us not having the neuron in that specific moment. Truth is that Faby and I have known each other for way more than a decade now, and we have always had the burning desire to know and understand each other. As such many times we know what the other is thinking and we can act as one!

A Wife and Husband Team photography london fabyandcarlo.com

The Male and Female Perspective

Despite being so in tune (and despite Faby constantly revealing my feminine sensitivity), we still have two separate visions of many things, a gap we will never be able to fill as we are of opposite genders. We have learned to make strength out of our similarities as well as our differences and if during the photo shoots we tend to work in unison, during our customers’ wider experiences we make the most of the different visions we have. From the Experience call to the creation of the mood board up to the viewing session, our different sensibilities play a significant role. The way we see the experience and results in relation to every customer give them a wider vision. We rarely agree on which image is our favourite, and this is probably where we don’t share our vision; however, it is to be expected as despite our tendency to mitigate each other, we remain a man and a woman.

A Wife and Husband Team photography london fabyandcarlo.com

What About Your Thoughts?

What do you think about a wife and husband photography team? Would it make you comfortable or would you rather be managed by just a male or a female photographer? We would love to hear from you, moreover we would love to hear about your experiences!

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