The Sexualisation of Nudity

Do you remember when you started feeling the sexualisation of nudity? When did you stop seeing a breast, and started seeing a sexual object? When did we, as society, stopped seeing the nude [...]


The Art of Letting Go

In the past years, our lives have changed a lot, and learning the art of letting go had a positive impact in those changes. Letting go of negative thoughts, of resentment and of material things. [...]


The Role of Women in Photography

I have never been a feminist and I will never be one. I believe that nowadays it is not necessary to fight to obtain respect, but it is necessary to change people’s perception by taking [...]


You could be this Woman

The other evening we had a lovely customer over for her viewing session. When, after having picked her favourite photographs, we asked her what had been the blocks that kept her from booking a [...]