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The other evening we had a lovely customer over for her viewing session. When, after having picked her favourite photographs, we asked her what had been the blocks that kept her from booking a session before, she candidly says: “I could not believe I could have looked like the women on your site”. After that she raised her eyes to the photographs displayed on the wall and added: “Even now that I see them, I could not believe it’s me”.
So, what is the secret behind what we do, and why do we believe that we can make you look great in our photographs? Reality says there are no real secrets. We wish to get to know you before photographing you, making sure we understand who you are and what you are looking for.
Can we show you why we believe that we can make you look like the women on our website?

It is about you

It is making you at ease that will start creating the magic. Not being just in front of a camera, but in front of two people is an essential element. We don’t rush you through the door and in front of a camera. We take our time, welcoming you in our residential studio and giving you the time to enjoy and relax.
If you are asking why making you feel at ease will make you look like the women in our portfolio, you need to be aware that only someone who is comfortable in front of the camera can look relaxed and confident. We make sure you focus on us, not on our cameras, and this is a big deal in making you look good.

Let’s remove the pressure from your magic day

When ready to be photographed, pressure is on us. During a shoot there is nothing wrong you can do, and we are very open and honest with it. We say it out loud, and we mean it: everything you are going to do, is going to be good.
If you don’t hear us, it’s our fault, not yours. If a pose looks awkward, it is our fault, not yours. If your lipstick smudges, it is our fault, not yours.
In the same way, if you laugh, it is ok. If you feel like moving in a definite way because you think you ‘re sexy, it is ok.
There is truly nothing you can do wrong!
How does it feel?

You don’t need to know how to pose

We don’t expect you to know how to pose. We do. We know which poses enhance your figure, which ones make your good sides shine, for every woman you are. Moreover, we make sure that posing becomes a game, not a painful need. Towards the end of the session you won’t feel like posing at all, you will feel like being yourself. This is because we will do not forget to make the most out of your natural movements, capturing you for the woman you are, not a generic model.
Posing is about details, and we know which ones they are and how to get you shine.

It is not going to feel like being shot

The truth is also that at the end of the session, it won’t feel like being shot… pun intended.
The poses won’t feel, and certainly won’t look, as stiff and static poses. It won’t feel like having a huge camera in front of you, more like having two friendly persons with whom you had a nice chat… while in your underwear.

What do you need to make investments to see yourself as you may have never seen yourself before?

We offer a non-commitmental session. It means that you can pay only for your experience, for your makeup, for the photo session and the private viewing. You do not have to commit to buying any photograph. Then, when you see yourself as you may have never seen yourself before, you will decide which photos you will want for yourself.
We are so confident that we can make you look like the women in your portfolio that if at your private viewing you won’t feel it, you won’t have to purchase any photograph.

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