4 simple steps to communicate better

How many times have you found yourself mad at a person you love after a perfectly normal conversation? You are worried about something, you open up to someone you trust, and after a couple of [...]


How to look expensive

For Carlo and I there is only one secret on how to look expensive, and it follows the idea that less is more. Some may argue that the Baroque style with its grandeur is a synonym of looking [...]


Give your wife the gift of confidence

How many times you see your beautiful wife frowning when staring at the mirror? For you, she is just beautiful. But no matter what you tried to make her see how you see her, nothing really [...]


How yoga saved my life

A calmer, more balanced and grounded attitude, mostly free of most of anxiety, and also a healthier, stronger body is what yoga has allowed me to reach in the last year. The most valuable lesson [...]


Kim Kardashian nude: Boudoir Photography in the limelight

Boudoir photography went into the limelight last month, thanks to a GQ editorial presenting Kim Kardashian Nude. It is not the first time that we see Kim Kardashian nude around the Internet. She [...]

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