Want to gain confidence? Get naked!

Women – generally speaking – lack confidence. Wherever we go, we often feel insecure ourselves. We also question whether we are strong enough, and whether we are good enough for most [...]


The hair issue. What make up artists can’t do for you

Short, long, curly or straight, we all have a love-hate relationship with our hair. Hair can be an issue for women therefore, I have the utmost respect of who works as a hairdresser. In my [...]


Tired of London? Dreaming of the seaside and a simpler life

It may be that Samuel Johnson was right, but despite loving this city with all my heart, something wrong is happening here and yes, I admit it, I am getting tired of what London is becoming. What [...]


The nipple issue

The nipple issue appeared to have reached worldwide proportions of censorship in our society, but funnily enough, the first ones to be nipple shy are often us women. What is the nipple issue? [...]

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