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Women – generally speaking – lack confidence. Wherever we go, we often feel insecure ourselves. We also question whether we are strong enough, and whether we are good enough for most of our lives. This is especially true when we talk about the most visible part of ourselves. Our bodies. While we rationally know that the issue is not fitting in a standardised idea of beauty, but about being content with who we are, we do not know how to gain confidence.

The only way to gain confidence is pushing our limits. We are never going to change our results, if we are not ready to change what stops us from getting what we want in life.
If you want to gain confidence, you need to see yourself in a different lightget a better sense of who you really are.

Boudoir. An exiting way to gain confidence

Women are raised since little girls being complimented mainly on their look. “How pretty” and “How beautiful” are comments that accompany all our lives from babies to adulthood.
Have you ever noticed how many times you have been complimented for how smart or fast you are? I guess that very few of us have ever heard that type of comments. The end result is that we measure our worth on how pretty we look. And while some of us become so concerned about always going out with the perfect make up and look, others go completely the other way, and refusing to be dolled up.
I can assure that both sides suffer from their choice. Our bodies suffer as a consequence because of our perception and are pressurised by strenuous exercise, impossible lifestyles, and even lack of care.
Boudoir can help you to gain confidence. Getting naked – or wearing lingerie, for that counts – is a natural and empowering way to gain confidence, because it allows us to see ourselves in a different light.

Why not

Why so many women fear the idea of booking a boudoir photo session if you can gain confidence?
Every single woman dreads to look stupid or cheap, and this is one the main reasons so many of us refuse the idea of putting themselves in front of the camera. The awful pictures they have in their minds when they think boudoir, speaks louder than any confidence that may gain from it. The question should not be “What if I look fat or stupid?”, but “What if I fall in love with myself again?”, instead.
This is a big thing, I know. To gain confidence, there is only one way. You have to give it a go. The only difference in the results you will have, is in the photographer you choose. Make sure they are the right ones.

A real story. A gorgeous tomboy and her red lipstick

Not long ago, Carlo and I photographed a gorgeous client.
She came in wearing jeans and a t-shirt, no make up, and pony tail. To me, she was totally gorgeous as she was, and the fact that she was so unaware of her beauty, was even more endearing.
She was one strong willed woman, so, no compliment would have done any difference to her perception the way she looked.
For her, to gain confidence, the only way was to show her the end result.
After make up and hair, she looked…wow! Such a transformation!

I do not know how many times I say to all my clients that the camera is not a magic wand and make-up artists are not equipped for miracles.
Carlo and I are absolutely committed to do our best job in camera and building a real the rapport with you and that is all that is needed to make magic happens.

In any case, the client was totally committed, and totally terrified! It is not everyday that you are in front of a camera half naked…But her being terrified lasted for good 30 minutes until she put the red lipstick on.
I can assure you that in many many cases, a red lipstick can really turn things around.
Well, she finally got comfortable in her skin and with us and she allowed herself to be…who she is. When she let go, to me she was more beautiful than ever, and I believe she felt it, because she started believing it herself.

To gain confidence, you need to push your own limits and let go of the idea of yourself as you have it in your mind. Wearing red lipstick, lingerie or nothing is the same, the only thing that counts to gain confidence is being who you are.
How does it happen? You need to feel you safe and in a completely judgement-free environment. This is the only secret you need to help women to see and embrace their internal, as well as their external, beauty.

When the client saw her pictures, she was incredibly happy, because she finally saw herself for the gorgeous woman she is. Make up, lustrous hair, exquisite lingerie, all help of course, but the key is that we saw her exactly like she was seeing herself in those images. And while I am incredibly happy she loved the images we produced for her, those photos are for her to realise and see how beautiful she is, because others see it already.
She told us that those pictures were a huge help for her, which is the point of our boudoir.

Our hope for her, and for all our clients, is that they will be more content of who they are, and every time they will have any doubts, they can look at those pictures again to remember they can really pull it off.

Ready for your boudoir experience?

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