3 truths strong women know about being a woman

What is the image that comes to you mind when speaking of strong women. I have learned that visualising an Amazonian has nothing to do with strong women, as the physical aspect is the least [...]


Perfect body: do you still believe it exists?

The discussion around the “perfect body” is often in the air in a boudoir studio like ours. Just today we were chatting with a lovely client, who at a certain point said: “I [...]


Comfort Zone Challenge: Be Photographed

The Comfort Zone Challenge is one of the ways you can change yourself for the best. When you feel cosy in your daily life, you start being stagnant. Everything that deviates from the norm, from [...]


Boudoir Style: you can mix and match ours!

We have more than one boudoir style, and this is reflected in our portfolios. We have our classical boudoir, or if you are more reserved we have the modest one, or if you are more daring you can [...]

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