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The Comfort Zone Challenge is one of the ways you can change yourself for the best. When you feel cosy in your daily life, you start being stagnant. Everything that deviates from the norm, from what you do day in and day out makes you feel fearful, makes you doubt about yourself. The Comfort Zone Challenge is to avoid this stagnation and it is a way of reaching your true potentials by doing things you are not comfortable with.
Of the many things I have done recently, the Comfort Zone Challenge is that made me uncomfortable the most, but it was also the single most important thing I did to keep me on my feet, allowing me to realise things I wouldn’t have been able to achieve before.
Today we will brush the Comfort Zone Challenge from the angle we know best: photography!

comfort zone challenge: be photographed by Faby and Carlo

What is the Comfort Zone Challenge

There is an interesting TED Talk video on YouTube that deals with confidence, and it is the base of the Comfort Zone Challenge. If you haven’t watched, I would suggest you to bookmark it and listen to it: totally worth it!
The Comfort Zone Challenge is based on doing something that scares you every day. By facing our (sometimes irrational) fears, we win them and we become better people. When I started photography, asking strangers if I could have taken their portraits was something that sent shivers down my spine. What did I do? I roamed the street of London for a weekend, taking the portraits of a thousand strangers. That was a tough comfort zone challenge, but you know what? I have no issue in asking strangers if I can take a photo of them any longer. I am a better photographer and I enjoy the interpersonal relation between photographer and subject much more!
Do you want to become better by accepting the comfort zone challenge.

comfort zone challenge: be photographed by Faby and Carlo

Why Comfort Zone Challenge

Confidence breeds confidence…
Confidence is everything you need to wear…
If you have been a reader of this blog long enough, you should know that we believe that confidence is everything a woman needs to have. To be successful, to be sexy, to be beautiful.
The comfort zone challenge is about getting used to do things that are out of your daily. By challenging yourself you will shake away the dust that settles on all of us, making us lethargic and prone to non-action. The incredible feeling of power you experience after having done something that scares you is one of the best you can try. You feel invincible, you feel that you can do whatever you want.

comfort zone challenge: be photographed by Faby and Carlo

Be Photographed

Despite having photographed hundreds of models, I can honestly say that very few women are comfortable in being photographed, including models! We all have our insecurities, and being in front of a camera seems to be able to bring them all to life. If you then consider that we are Boudoir Photographers, then the step outside the comfort zone is even bigger.
Another truth is also that I have met very few people who do not love, secretly or not, to see themselves portrayed in their nude. The ideas of “privacy”, “fear”, “appropriateness” are often brought up, but if we stop considering excuses, the only thing limiting us is our comfort zone, and getting out of there is scary. This is why being photographed is a superb way to live the comfort zone challenge.
Are you ready to accept the comfort zone challenge and be photographed? The thought is scary, we know it, but stepping over there is more liberating than you think. This is a promise!

By the way, before saying “it can’t be done” I would like to point out the images you have seen in this blog posts. Today’s photographs are a completely #unretouchedbeauty of Terry, a beautiful “plus size“!

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