Feeling proud: my secret to self confidence

Feeling proud of our achievement is my (not so) secret to self confidence. And while this statement is obvious in its simplicity, putting the “feeling proud” to work day after day is [...]


How to deal with a breakup through Self Confidence

How to deal with a breakup is one of the though challenges in life. While my very personal experience on how to deal with a breakup is quite far in my memory, as Faby and I have been together for [...]


Relationship advice: a good one is built, it does not simply happen

Faby and I have been happily together for almost 20 years of our lives, so we may have a couple of good relationship advice. You may ask yourself what relationship advice has to do with a boudoir [...]


How to be sexy in two simple steps

It has been a while that I wanted to write an article on how to be sexy. I had one point I wanted to cover, the “one thing” women should know if they want to know how to be sexy; [...]

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