Relationship advice: a good one is built, it does not simply happen

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Faby and I have been happily together for almost 20 years of our lives, so we may have a couple of good relationship advice. You may ask yourself what relationship advice has to do with a boudoir blog, and the answer is simple: confidence. The more your family life goes well, the more you will be able to focus your energy on something constructive. No fighting with your significant other, no drama and resentment. Relationship advice also because we have often been told that we are “lucky” to have found each other; while I don’t deny my sheer luck, I believe that there is much more underneath a healthy marriage, than just luck. This is why today I will talk about relationship advice and how communication is key for a healthy and happy marriage.
Are you interested in understanding which relationship advice we have understood through our 20 years together?
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Relationship advice by Faby and Carlo

Relationship Advice #1 You build it, you are not just lucky

We have been often told that we look like “the perfect couple“, but this is as true as the idea of the perfect body. We are a couple, we share a lot of things, we have the same value and we are happy together; but like every other couple we have our disagreements, our bad days. What I found to be true, is that a good, healthy relationship is built, it does not just happens. it is built with calm, perseverance, understanding and, of course, love.
So, my first relationship advice would be: don’t expect good things to happen. If you want a good relationship, you have to be ready to work hard. Be kind, love the person you want to share your life with, accept him or her in the good as well as in the bad traits. Remember that we all fail, we all do mistakes and learn to forgive, and sometimes to forget.
If you wait for the apple to fall in your lap, you are in for a long (and possibly fruitless) journey.

Relationship advice by Faby and Carlo

Relationship Advice #2 You have to communicate

Sometimes words cut more than blades. This is why communication is so difficult: you need to tell what you feel without hurting the other. Sometimes it is like a dangerous dance, but if you don’t try, there is just one outcome, and it not a positive one.
This second relationship advice is absolutely critical for the well being of a couple. If you are afraid of telling your significant other what you feel, if you don’t speak up because you fear to hurt her feelings, then you are poisoning yourself. If you don’t communicate, your partner won’t understand how you feel, or he or she would not understand if he or she she has done something wrong. This will lead you to resentment, and in the long run, to indifference.
Someone says that the opposite of love is hate. I disagree, the opposite of love is indifference.
A healthy relationship is one in which both persons should be free to speak their minds, accepting that the other may have different views, feelings and opinions, and trying to listen to the message, without stopping on misused words.

Relationship advice by Faby and Carlo

Relationship Advice #3 Don’t let intimacy die

This one is a big for me. It is the relationship advice number three, but not because of importance. Your intimacy is key, the way you play with each other, the way in which you are close together, the way in which you share something private. The moment the intimacy dies, an important part of a couple dies. Communication is important, hard work is important, but intimacy is what glues everything together.
I have always said that it is not strong him who never falls, but him whom after every fall has the courage to stand up again. I can guarantee that losing the intimacy is tough, and re-gaining it is even tougher, but it is worth every effort. We have written a small e-book about intimacy titled “11 relationship advice for a better intimacy“, and it touches points for both him and her. It is a book we wrote from our hearts and experience. There are eleven points that we use as much as we can, as they helped us being united!

Relationship advice by Faby and Carlo

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