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How to deal with a breakup is one of the though challenges in life. While my very personal experience on how to deal with a breakup is quite far in my memory, as Faby and I have been together for almost 20 years, I have a lot of first-hand experience talking to women we photograph. We know that the most important thing to know how to deal with a breakup is to remember who is the most important person in your life: you. In order to know how to deal with a breakup, you need to start loving yourself.
We are not new to discover that the product/market fit for our boudoir experience is much more than a simple photoshoot. The company we started six years ago offered something completely different to what we offer today. We have moved from being simple photographers of beauty, to fosterers of self confidence and self esteem. We also learned how to deal with a breakupĀ from the women we photographed, from their reasoning behind being in front of our cameras.

How to deal with a breakup is tough

Let us start saying that we are absolutely aware that a change in your personal life is always tough and knowing how to deal with a breakup is often a challenge on its own. We are in a state of disorientation, our lives are generally flipped upside down and all our routines are now broken. The feeling I most often associate with it is one of being lost, as the ground under our feet just disappeared.
In no way we are implying that dealing with such a challenging situation is simple, on the contrary.

To know how to deal with a breakup you need one reference point in your life

While feeling lost, almost without a clear direction, having a light to lit our life is important. A lot of people focus on friends to be this light; however, I believe that there is one light which is much brighter than anyone else: yourself. One of the strongholds that can teach how to deal with a breakup is the knowledge that we are the most important persons in the world. If we manage to focus on who we are, on our positive qualities, on our strengths, on being proud of who we are, then life is going to be much simpler, even in darker times.
If we look at ourselves, starting to be appreciative of who we see, then we can truly become our light, and life won’t look so foggy; however, it is important to trust ourselves and look at what makes us uniquely positive!

One of the lessons we learned

Mrs K came to us some time ago, and she wanted to see herself beautiful. I will never forget the words she used: “I have an album to replace: my wedding one just went in the bin!
You may find it funny, or maybe not, but the reality is that she wanted to get over, and she taught us a way on how to deal with a breakup: looking at herself as a desirable woman. In every relationship the sparkle and the intimacy tend to lower through time, and not everyone know which are the secrets to maintain a healthy intimate relationship. The danger, especially for women, is to start accepting a disinterested partner’s opinion of themselves.

Why some photos of you can help in how to deal with a breakup?

Look at yourself. Do it now, and tell me that you love yourself and how you look. This is one of the hardest things to do, and if you just had a breakup, the challenge is tenfold; however, being able to see a beautiful, sexy woman, is extremely important. It is because your body is not the body someone you broke up with did not appreciate. It is because you are more than what you give yourself credit for. It is because knowing something as “trivial” as this may truly help you being your own light in the and help you in dealing how to deal with a breakup.

How did you do? Would a positive body image help you?

We have given you our vision on how to deal with a breakup and gain self confidence. How would you do it. What are the tricks you would use to help a friend to understand how to deal with a breakup.
Have your say, or just be photographed!

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